Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta

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Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta
Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta.JPG
Directed by Teguh Karya
Produced by Irwan Usmar Ismail
Written by Arswendo Atmowiloto
Starring Rachmat Hidayat
Tuti Indra Malaon
Niniek L. Karim
Nurul Arifin
Onky Alexander
Alex Komang
Didi Petet
Ayu Azhari
Camelia Malik
Music by Idris Sardi
Cinematography Roy Julius Tobing
Release date
  • October 1989 (1989-10)
Running time
139 minutes
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian

Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta (Lover Left by the Train) is a 1989 film by Indonesian director Teguh Karya. It was his last feature film.


At a party celebrating the Padmos (Rachmat Hidayat and Tuti Indra Malaon) 25th wedding anniversary, a fit of jealousy breaks out. Mrs Padmo is jealous of her husband's secretary, Retno (Niniek L. Karim), who often rides in the same car as Mr Padmo. Meanwhile, the Padmos' son Heru (Onky Alexander) is with Ipah (Nurul Arifin), while the family's driver Martubi (Alex Komang) is with Retno's maid Juminten (Nani Vidia). This situation is exacerbated by the Padmos' daughter Riri (Ayu Azhari) dating Retno's son Arsal (Iwen Darmanyah). This leads to numerous misunderstandings, which are worked out by the end of the film.


Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta was directed by Teguh Karya, a Chinese-Indonesian director who had made numerous critically acclaimed films, including November 1828 (1978) and Ibunda (Mother; 1986). It was Karya's last feature film.[1]

Casting had begun by February 1988. Ayu Azhari, who had previously appeared in several of Karya's works, took a small role.[2] Tuti Indra Malaon, another actress who had appeared in several of Karya's works, was cast as Mrs. Padmo; this was her last film role, as she died shortly before the film's premiere.[3]

The film featured the song "Kijang Muda" ("Young Buck"), by Ruth Sahanaya.[1]


Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta is quickly paced, due in part to its large cast. The storytelling technique, using three different and seemingly unrelated sets of characters before the climax united them all, was reminiscent of Usmar Ismail's film Tiga Dara (Three Girls; 1956);[4] indeed, Karya had shown the cast this film before production began in October 1988.[5] The film invokes aspects of a musical, but the music lacks integration with the story; this fault was common in Indonesian attempts at musicals in the 1980s.[6]

Release and reception[edit]

Pacar Ketinggalan Kerta was released in October 1989.[4] It was the most-viewed Indonesian film of 1989.[7]

The Indonesian writer Putu Wijaya, reviewing in Tempo magazine, wrote that the film began quickly and moved fast enough to confuse viewers, but was concluded well.[4]


Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta was nominated for thirteen Citra Awards at the 1989 Indonesian Film Festival, winning eight.[7] This success was protested by Tempo writers Budiono Darsono and Putu Setia, who found Pacar Ketinggalan Kereta one of Karya's weaker films and commented that it seemed to be intended to win as many Citra Awards as possible.[8] At the 1989 Bandung Film Festival, it won three awards.[7]

Award Year Category Recipient Result
Indonesian Film Festival 1989 Best Film
Best Director Teguh Karya Won
Best Artistic Arrangement Adji Mamat Borneo Won
Best Editing Karsono Hadi Won
Best Sound Arrangement Iwan Mauritz Won
Best Leading Actor Rachmat Hidayat Won
Best Leading Actress Tuti Indra Malaon Won
Best Screenplay Teguh Karya, Arswendo Atmowiloto Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Nurul Arifin Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Niniek L Karim Won
Best Cinematography Herman Susilo Nominated
Best Musical Arrangement Idris Sardi Nominated
Bandung Film Festival Best Director Teguh Karya Won
Best Artistic Arrangement Adji Mamat Borneo Won
Best Editing Karsono Hadi Won
Indonesian Film Festival 1990 Best Selling Film of 1989
Bandung Film Festival Best Film



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