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The fast pace of New York City[1] has spawned the term New York minute,[2] as journalist Walt Whitman characterized the streets of Manhattan as being traversed by "hurrying, feverish, electric crowds".[3]

Pace, also called rhythm or tempo, is the rate of activity or movement, such as the flow of events in an entertainment piece or in running.


All timely arts – music, dance, drama, and film – are enormously concerned with pacing – with rhythm or tempo.

For example, as the film director translates events in a script into actions that make up scenes and sequences, that is, as the director shapes the actors' performances and stages the other actions in front of the camera, one of his paramount concerns is pacing, making the action swell, subside, and swell again. The director does this to keep the scene from losing its energy and intensity. Later, after the shooting is over, the director, working with the film editor, will further control, construct, and perfect the pacing in the way he builds shots into scenes and sequences.

Racket Sports[edit]

Pace in racket sports, such as tennis and pickleball, refers to the speed and power of the ball after it has been struck by the racket or paddle. Expert players who strategically control the pace of the ball are capable of putting their opponent on the defensive, while leaving their opponent uncertain about what type of shot to expect next.[4][5]

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