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"Pacers" mint and packaging as seen in 1981 television advertisement

Pacers is a discontinued British brand of mint flavoured confection, manufactured by Mars.

Originally known as Opal Mints, they were plain white coloured chewy spearmint flavoured sweets, launched as a sister product to Opal Fruits (now known as Starburst). The product was subsequently relaunched as Pacers around 1976, and later, three green peppermint stripes were added to the sweet,[1] possibly to align it with a similar American product of the same name.[2] Television commercials for the sweet alluded to sport and fitness, with participants wearing green and white-striped kit, featuring the slogan "Peppermint striped for two-mint freshness".[2] The brand was discontinued in the 1980s.

At one point the Glasgow Celtic football team were nicknamed "The Pacers" because of the similarity of their kit to the sweets.[3]


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