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Paceship PY 23 sailboat Second Wind 1220.jpg
Designer John Deknatel of C. Raymond Hunt Associates
Location Canada
Year 1973
Builder(s) Paceship Yachts and American Machine and Foundry (AMF)
Boat weight 2,460 lb (1,116 kg)
Type Monohull
Construction Fiberglass
LOA 22.58 ft (6.88 m)
LWL 19.75 ft (6.02 m)
Beam 8.00 ft (2.44 m)
Hull draft 4.75 ft (1.45 m) centreboard down
Engine type Outboard motor
Hull appendages
Keel/board type fin keel or centreboard
Ballast 945 lb (429 kg)
Rudder(s) transom-mounted rudder
General Masthead sloop
I (foretriangle height) 28.00 ft (8.53 m)
J (foretriangle base) 9.50 ft (2.90 m)
P (mainsail luff) 24.00 ft (7.32 m)
E (mainsail foot) 7.70 ft (2.35 m)
Mainsail area 92.40 sq ft (8.584 m2)
Jib/genoa area 133.00 sq ft (12.356 m2)
Total sail area 225.40 sq ft (20.940 m2)

The Paceship PY 23 (or PY23) is a Canadian trailerable sailboat, that was designed by John Deknatel of C. Raymond Hunt Associates and first built in 1973.[1][2][3][4]


The boat was built by Paceship Yachts in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia between 1973 and 1981, Canada and later by American Machine and Foundry (AMF) in the United States, but it is now out of production.[1]


Paceship PY 23
Paceship PY 23

The Paceship PY 23 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of hand-laid up fiberglass with balsa cores and teak and mahogany wood trim. It has a masthead sloop rig, a transom-hung rudder, a centreboard and or an optional fixed fin keel. It displaces 2,460 lb (1,116 kg) and carries 945 lb (429 kg) of iron and lead ballast.[1][2][5]

The centreboard version has a draft of 4.75 ft (1.45 m) with the 45 lb (20 kg) lead-weighted centreboard and kick-up rudder both extended and 1.75 ft (0.53 m) with the centreboard retracted into the 900 lb (408 kg) stub iron keel, allowing ground transportation on a trailer. The stub iron keel on the centreboard version allows the centreboard to be retracted without using interior cabin accommodation space, as well as beaching without damage to the hull.[1][2][3][5]

The later fixed fin keel version has a draft of 3.75 ft (1.14 m) and is often referred to as the PY 23K or PY 23 FK. This fixed keel version was designed for Midget Ocean Racing Club (MORC) competition.[1][2][3][5]

The design features anodized spars, a self-bailing cockpit designed for six adults and an optional mainsheet traveller. A cockpit dodger was also optional. Below deck accommodations include four cabin windows, 5 ft (150 cm) headroom, a "V" berth in the bow, storage shelving and bins, a folding dining table, an optional gallery with an icebox, a stainless steel sink and a 12 U.S. gallons (45 L; 10.0 imp gal) fresh water tank.[5]

The PY 23 was designed so that even if a knock-down occurs that puts the mast in the water the boat's interior will not take on water and the boat remains self-righting.[5]

The boat is normally fitted with a small outboard motor for docking and maneuvering.[1]

The PY 23 has a hull speed of 5.96 kn (11.04 km/h).[2]

Operational history[edit]

Paceship PY 23

In a review Michael McGoldrick wrote, "Unlike the interior of many boats built in the 1970s which have a dinette arrangement, the PY23's layout features two settees which are parallel to the centerline, and a table which folds up against a bulkhead. This layout often provides for more open space in the main cabin. It's also in this size range that boats get big enough to have a semi-private head located behind a bulkhead."[6]

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