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1896 photo of by-then-former United States President Benjamin Harrison, including their copyright notice.
1907 Pach Brothers photo of George Foster Peabody, now kept at the Library of Congress.

The Pach Brothers photography studio is one of the oldest photographic firms in business in New York City, having begun operations in 1867.


It was founded by the German-born brothers Gustavus Pach (1848-1904), Gotthelf Pach (1852-1925) and Morris Pach (1837–1914). Patrons included famous and ordinary Americans involved in business, politics, government, medicine, law, education, and the arts, as well as thousands of students, families and children who sat for Pach cameras from 1866 onward.

There was a fire in 1895, which destroyed their New York studio and processing rooms as well as their entire negative archive.[1]

The Pach Brothers firm continued photographing for another hundred years.

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