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Directed by Sajid Sheikh / Mahesh Kothare
Produced by Mahesh Kothare
Written by Story:
Abhiram Bhadkamkar
Mahesh Kothare
Abhiram Bhadkamkar
Starring Bharat Jadhav
Shreyas Talpade
Laxmikant Berde
Vandana Gupte
Dilip Prabhawalkar
Music by Anil Mohile
Edited by Sanjay Dabke
Distributed by Jenma Film International
Release date
  • 7 May 2004 (2004-05-07)
Country India
Language Marathi
Budget Rs. 7.5 million

Pachadlela is a 2004 Marathi horror-comedy directed by Mahesh Kothare and stars Bharat Jadhav, Shreyas Talpade, Laxmikant Berde, Vandana Gupte, Dilip Prabhawalkar in lead role. The movie revolves around three friends working in a bank who get posted to a village. They are put up in a wada(palace) by the bank. But according to the villagers, the spirits of the previous owner, his son and his trusted aide still haunt the house. The movie was released on 7 May 2004 and was praised by the Marathi audience for story and performance.


The movie begins with three friends Sameer (Shreyas Talpade), Ravi (Abhiram Bhadkamkar) and Bharat (Bharat Jadhav) who arrive in an Osadwadi, a small village. They are working in a bank and have been transferred to this village branch. Any new transferees that arrive are routinely made to stay in a wada, till they find alternate arrangements and the wada is incidentally mortgaged to the bank. Many transferee's had left the job and left the village due to strange things happening in the wada.

According to villagers the wada is haunted by the ghost of DurgaVandana Gupte, who was killed when she slipped into the well. After few days' break, the trio meet police inspecter Mahesh Jadhav at restaurant who tell them that that Durga death was not an accident. In fact, she was pushed by someone from behind when she was drawing water from the well. The story flashback to 16 years ago. Inamdar (Dilip Prabhawalkar) was a rich man who owned the wada. He stayed with his mentally deranged son, Babya (Ameya Hunaswadkar) and his trusted aide Kirkire (Vijay Chavan). Inamdar plans his son's marriage in a village far away from theirs. The fact that Babya is not of sound mind was concealed from the girl's parents and the wedding was fixed at the Temple of Narsobachi Wadi. But during the wedding Durga who was an old friend of the girls mother tell everyone that that Babya was mentally deranged and this fact was hidden by Inamdar. The marriage is broken and the irrate invite attacked Inamdar in which Kirkire is killed. Babya is sent to a mental hospital where he commits suicide and this results in Inamdar getting a fatal heart attack. But before he died he swore that he would come back from the dead and take revenge on Durga and would not allow Durga's daughter Manisha (Ashwini Kulkarni) to get married or let any auspicious event happen in Durga's house. A few years passed and Durga too died suddenly by slipping and falling into the well in her compound. It was rumored that the ghost of the Inamdar pushed her into the well. Her daughter is now looked after by Durga's brother-in-law and Sister-in-law, who brought her up as their own daughter. Even today it is believed that the Ghosts of Inamdar, Babya and Kirkire haunt the Inamdar Wada.

The three friends after returning to the wada, make fun of Inamdar, Babya and Kiekire in front of their portrait. Ravi is already in love with Manisha whom he has met in the city before and he is excited to come to the town of his sweetheart. He is a non-believer in ghosts and hence is very comfortable in the wada. Sameer is a scared type and is terrified with the place. Bharat happens to be of Manushya Gan as per his horoscope and it is believed that any person with Manushya Gan is highly susceptible to ghosts. Sameer takes help of his friend Sunayna (Nelam Shirke) who takes him to fraud tantric Vetale Guruji (Laxmikant Berde). Bharat gets possessed by the three ghosts of the wada one after the other all with an intention to stop the marriage from happening. And to top it all the ghost of Durga too possesses Bharat to make this marriage happen.

But on the day of marriage Bharat gets possed by the spirit of Kirkire and tell Ravi's family that Manisha is manglik. Hearing this there is argument between the two family and the marriage is stopped. Ravi blames Bharat for breaking his marriage. Bharat is possessed by the three ghosts of wada. Fearing that Bharat is mentally unstable Sameer sends Bharat to mental hospital to the discontent of Ravi. Manisha and Bharat plan to run away from home and marry in temple with the help of Vetale.On the day of their planned marriage Bharat troubles the hospital staff and is sent back to the wada.Ravi's managers tell him to go to mental hospital. Due to this Ravi is unable to meet Manisha. Angered, Manisha goes to wada to meet Ravi . Taking the advantage of this situation the spirits of the wada plan to kill Manisha through Bharat. Durga wants to save her daughter and that too through Bharat.

Bharat,possessed by the spirits tortures Manisha.When everyone arrives at the wada, Vetale Guruji begins a ritual and traps the spirits of the ghosts in dolls.But unfortunately,the dolls come alive and attacks everyone.When Babya's ghost captures Vetale Guruji,everyone pulls him and throws him in sacrificial fire. Babya's doll is burnt and his soul leaves the wada.Kirkire's doll attacks Ravi.Ravi throws him away but accidentally breakes a kerosene lamp and spills kerosene on Kirkire. He sets the kerosene on fire and burns Kirkire's doll to leave wada.Inamdar's doll attempts to throw Manisha from the balcony. Bharat gets possessed by Durga's spirit and jumps with a burning torch to burn Inamdar.Inamdar suffocates Manisha with wire but Bharat sets his doll ablaze.Inamdar's ghost leaves the wada.Now that the wada is free from ghosts, Ravi and Manisha are married.During the wedding, Durga possesses Bharat and tells Ravi to take care of Manisha


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