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Pachar is a village in Bageshwar District of Uttrakhand, India. The village is just 45 kilometers from Bageshwar. Traditionally inhabited by the Pandeys of Mandlik clan, it has some sprinkling of Lohnis and Pants too. All these are Brahmin caste people. Kshtriyas of mainly Chauhan clan live in a nearby village and are said to have donated this village to Brahmins. Dalits of Dom caste also live in a separate area in the village. Like any typical Kumauni village, untouchability is practiced and Dalits are poor, though there are no social tensions as Dalits are dependent on Brahmins who are not violent. The patron deity of this village and nearby area is called Nauling devta and has a temple in Pachar. Main profession is agriculture and army service among kshtriyas, priest craft and agriculture among Brahmins and labour among dalits (agricultural or otherwise). Some mines have also opened of Khadiya (used in talcum powder paint and toothpaste etc.)It has a primary school, panchayat ghar and Inter college at Saneti. Many people have migrated to lucknow, bareill, delhi and even US. The Brahmin people have been outstanding and marvelous in every field.