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Pachara Chirathivat
Candid photo of Pachara Chirathivat at VERY TV, wearing a black leather jacket, white t-shirt, and black hair brushed to his right.
Pachara Chirathivat at VERY TV, 2016
Born (1993-05-10) 10 May 1993 (age 26)
Other namesPeach
Pachara Marcel Chirathivat
EducationChulalongkorn University
(Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy)
OccupationActor, singer
Years active2011–present
AgentNadao Bangkok (2011–2015)
Channel 3 (2015–present)
Known forThe Billionaire, SuckSeed, Hormones: The Series
Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

Pachara Chirathivat (Thai: พชร จิราธิวัฒน์, pronounced [pʰátɕʰaráʔ tɕìrāːtʰíwát], born 10 May 1993), also known as Peach, is a Thai actor and singer. He is best known for his lead roles in the 2011 films SuckSeed and The Billionaire. He is currently working with Channel 3, and is also one of the main leads in the teen drama Hormones: The Series, playing the role of Win. Pachara also plays music with his indie band named Rooftop, and engages in philanthropy with patients in hospitals. He is a member of the Chirathivat family, and graduated from Chulalongkorn University.


Early life and education[edit]

Pachara Chirathivat was born on 10 May 1993 in Bangkok, Thailand, to Thirayuth and Chanadda Chirathivat of the Chirathivat family (who founded the family-owned Central Group).[1] He has two siblings: Salisa Chirathivat and Sasipreeya Chirathivat.[2] He attended Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School and finished Business Administration at The Chulalongkorn Business School, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University in 2015.[3] He also studied in England.[4]

Acting career[edit]

Chirathivat (middle) with the cast of SuckSeed at a promotional event on 15 February 2011.

Chirathivat marked his acting debut in SuckSeed, a 2011 comedy film that focuses on music.[5] Directed by first-time feature director Chayanop Boonprakob, the film was a success both at the box office and with critics.[6] It also received The Laugh Category Uminchu Prize Grand Prix at the 4th Okinawa International Movie Festival.[7] Following the film's success, he was cast in Songyos Sugmakanan's biographical film The Billionaire in the same year, playing young entrepreneur Itthipat Kulapongvanich's character. Since he was accustomed to having other lead actors with him in SuckSeed, he had a hard time acting multiple scenes on his own at first. He was seen carrying heavy sacks of nuts on his shoulders, for example, in which he thought the scene was very brutal.[8] His buttocks were accidentally bruised during a shoot as well.[9] With the help of the director, he later managed to overcome his stress and he was proud to be a part of the film.[10]

The next year, he joined the cast of thriller film Countdown, playing the character, Jack. Although he shared some attributes of Jack, such as studying abroad and being a rebel, he changed completely (with the way he talked, dressed, walked, and lived) to get into character.[4] He also had to learn martial arts to avoid injuries during their action scenes.[11] In one scene where Jack is strangled, however, Chirathivat was actually being suffocated; he tried to tell the crew to stop strangling him because he could not breathe, but they thought he was just acting.[12] The film was shortlisted as the Thai entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards.[13]

After working with Sugmakanan in the 2011 film The Billionaire, the director cast Chirathivat as one of the main leads in GTH's TV series Hormones. Breaking the mould of Thai television, which typically features Thai soap operas and sitcoms, Hormones seeks to explore and portray various aspects and issues of adolescent life. These include topics normally considered taboo for open discussion in Thai society, such as teenage sex and school violence.[14] Just like the other main cast members, Chirathivat's character and personality in the series were based on the combination of his own experiences and the crew's research on contemporary adolescent issues. He played the character of Win, the most popular boy at school who later fell into the world of drugs, discothèque and night life. He felt very lucky to be part of the series, stating: "I have learned the lives of the characters through their many experiences, incidents that I have never seen in my life."[15] Although originally planned for only one season, its popularity and reception prompted Hormones to have a total of three seasons. Including Chirathivat, the original cast members reprised their roles for the second season and returned as guest stars for the last season.[16]

In 2015, he moved from GMM Tai Hub to Channel 3, stating that he wanted to get more experience and develop himself more as an actor.[17] He later mentored in the first season of The Face Men Thailand.[18][19]

Music career[edit]

Besides acting Chirathivat is also into making music, particularly electronic and rock music. After his stint in SuckSeed, He has had his own rock band named Rooftop, under the indie music label Smallroom.[10][20] He once worked together with K-pop star Nichkhun for a brand.[21] In 2015, he collaborated with musician and producer Pakorn "Beam" Musikaboonlert and formed a new rock band, White Rose.[22] The band's name was inspired by a non-violent resistance group of students from a University in Munich during the Nazi Germany in 1941. Their single "Dear You" was produced by the French indie band Tahiti 80.[23]

Chirathivat writes most of the lyrics in his songs. He stated: "I feel most comfortable singing my own lyrics. If you sing your own song, nobody else can do it better than you."[23] Besides singing, he also plays the keyboards and guitar.[24]


In 2014, he provided support for a 12-year-old boy named Mon, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Chirathivat initially got a call from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant Mon's dying wish of meeting him in person. Mon expressed admiration towards Chirathivat ever since he watched SuckSeed. In return, Chirathivat continued to provide support for Mon. He stated: "I never thought I'd be such an influence like this on people... When we have a good life, a good job and good health, we should share our happiness with others. I tell myself I have to do best every day, because we never know what might happen."[25] In celebration of his birthday every year, he also occasionally donates medical equipment at the Chulalongkorn Hospital for the patients.[17][26]

Personal life[edit]

At age 20, Chirathivat was ordained as a Buddhist monk for three weeks.[27]

In early 2015, Chirathivat submitted a request to defer his military enlistment for academic reasons.[28] The next year, he filed a waiver once again because he was busy as an actor. He knows, however, that conscription in Thailand is unavoidable, and he is fine serving for his countrymen.[29]

Chirathivat left his family retail business after graduating at the university. Although, he started to run the food franchise business, Potato Corner.[30]

Pachara had relationship with the singer Note Panayanggool[31] for 3 years but had broken up. [32]

And currently relationship with Patricia Good Actress Channel 3 [33]



  • "ซักซี๊ดนึง", 2011 (SuckSeed OST)[34]
  • "มีแต่เธอ", 2011 (SuckSeed OST)[34]
  • "พรุ่งนี้รวย", 2011 (The Billionaire OST)[34]
  • "ทุ้มอยู่ในใจ" เวอร์ชัน อูคูเลเล่, 2012[34]
  • "ต่อยอดความท้าทาย", 2012 (with Nichkhun)[34]
  • "ฉันมีเพียง" ("White Rose"), 2014 (Hormones OST)[35]
  • "Free Fall", 2014 (White Rose first single)[36]
  • "Sunya Thee Mai Jing" ("Dear You"), 2015[37]

Music videos[edit]

Year Song Title
2011 "ซักซี้ดนึง"[38]



Year Title Role Notes
2011 SuckSeed[5] Koong and Kay Debut film
The Billionaire[8] Itthipat Kulapongvanich (Top)
2012 Countdown[4] Jack
Seven Something[41] guest
2013 โตไปไม่โกง ตอน Band Next Door[34] short film
SuckSeed[34] Koong/Kae GTH side stories - short film
2014 Find Someone Special[42] New short film
2017 The Moment[43] Ton
2018 Bike Man[44] Sakarin

TV series[edit]

Year Title Role Network Notes
2012 Muad Opas The Series - Season 2[45] Edward Modernine TV Cameo
2013 My Melody 360 Ongsa Rak[34] Win
Hormones The Series[16] Win Chaichana Charatchaipracha GMM One / One 31
2014 Hormones The Series 2[16] GMM 25
2015 Hormones The Series 3[16] Win Chaichana ONE 31 Cameo (episode 5 & 13)
2016 Raeng Tawan [46] Wisut Channel 3
2018 Sanae Rak Nang Sin [47] Pakawat
Kharm See Tan Dorn[48] Duan

TV Show[edit]

Year Title Network Notes
2015 Frozen Hormones[49] GMM One,LINE TV Himself , Regular Member
2017 The Face Men Thailand (season 1)[50] Channel 3 Mentor
The Face Thailand (season 3)[50] Guest (Ep.9)
2018 The Face Thailand (season 4)[51] Guest (Ep.13)


Year Ceremony Category Work Result
2011 รางวัลภาพยนตร์แห่งชาติ สุพรรณหงส์ ครั้งที่ 21 Best Supporting Actor[52] SuckSeed Nominated
2012 Siamdara Stars Awards 2012 Best Male Lead Actor[53] The Billionaire Won
2013 Ganesha Awards Most Outstanding Youth as Role Model[54] N/A Won
2015 Kazz Awards 2015 รางวัลศิลปินสุดแนวแห่งปี ได้แก่[55] N/A Won


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