Pacheco State Park

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Pacheco State Park
Dinosaur point pacheco state park.jpg
Dinosaur Point in Pacheco State Park
Map showing the location of Pacheco State Park
Map showing the location of Pacheco State Park
Location San Benito County / Merced County / Santa Clara County, California
Nearest city Hollister
Coordinates 37°2′39″N 121°11′54″W / 37.04417°N 121.19833°W / 37.04417; -121.19833Coordinates: 37°2′39″N 121°11′54″W / 37.04417°N 121.19833°W / 37.04417; -121.19833
Area 6,890 acres (2,790 ha)
Established 1997
Governing body California Department of Parks & Recreation

Pacheco State Park is a California State Park to the south of Pacheco Pass in the Diablo Range, located mostly in western Merced County, California but extending into southeastern Santa Clara County and near Hollister in San Benito County. The park entrance is on Dinosaur Point Road, a short distance from California State Route 152 near Pacheco Pass.[1]

The park contains 6,890 acres (2,790 ha) though only 2,600 acres (1,100 ha) to the west are open to the public. The eastern two-thirds of the park are closed due to an underdeveloped trail system and safety concerns over the numerous wind turbines in the area.

The park was created from Rancho San Luis Gonzaga in 1997, five years after it was bequeathed to the state by Paula M. Fatjo. Fatjo was the great-great granddaughter of Mexican ranchero Francisco Pacheco, for whom both the park and the nearby Pacheco Pass are named. The rancho had been in the Pacheco family since 1843.[2][3]


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