Pacific 8 Intercollegiate Hockey Conference

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The PAC-8 Hockey Conference
Established: 1995
Members: 6
League: ACHA
Classification: Division II
States: California (3), Washington (2),
Oregon (1)
Executive Director: AJ Boldan
Associate Director: Jeff Dralla
Secretary: Chris Soriano
Treasurer: Kevin Thompson
Commissioner: Art Kitano

The Pacific 8 Intercollegiate Hockey Conference (PAC-8) is a collegiate men's ice hockey conference that competes in Division II of the American Collegiate Hockey Association. The PAC-8 is made up of non-varsity ice hockey teams from most of the universities of the NCAA's Pac-12 Conference.

Regular Season Format[edit]

According to the PAC-8 Charter, membership is limited only to sanctioned teams from universities that are also members of the Pac-12. By rule, each season starts on October 1 of each year.

Along with the required conference schedule, teams schedule several non-conference games against ACHA opponents for regional and national ranking consideration.

In game play, the ACHA follows the NCAA Rulebook for ice hockey. For interconference games, the PAC-8 mostly follows the same rules for game times and structure. A notable difference is in cases of a tie game after regulation and a 5-minute sudden-death overtime period, the PAC-8 uses a five-man shootout to determine the winner. This differs with the NHL, which uses a three-man shootout. This shootout is also carried into conference playoff games (both the NHL and NCAA use additional sudden-death overtime periods to determine the winner). For the 2013-2014 season, a small change was introduced to allow for an extended 10-minute overtime period for only the championship game of the conference tournament, after which the winner would be determined by a five-man shootout.


School Location Founded Affiliation Enrollment Nickname Colors
University of California Berkeley, CA 1868 Public Flagship (University of California system) 35,409 Golden Bears          
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Los Angeles, CA 1919 Public (University of California system) 38,000 Bruins          
University of Oregon Eugene, OR 1876 Public Flagship (Oregon University System) 22,386 Ducks          
University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, CA 1880 Private/Non-sectarian 32,160 Trojans          
University of Washington Seattle, WA 1861 Public Flagship 42,708 Huskies          
Washington State University Pullman, WA 1890 Public 25,135 Cougars          

Of the remaining Pac-12 universities:

  • Arizona competes in Division 1 of the ACHA in the Western Collegiate Hockey League (though it is a founding member of the Pac 8).
  • Arizona State has two teams in the ACHA. One competes in Division 1. The other competes in Division 2 but is independent and is a former member of the Pac 8.
  • Colorado also competes in Division 1 in the WCHL.
  • Stanford is a former member of the Pac 8 but now competes in Division 2 as an independent.
  • Oregon State currently does not have an ice hockey team.
  • Utah competes in Division 1 but is a former member of the Pac 8.

Tournament Weekend[edit]

The PAC-8 Championship Tournament is typically held the weekend before Presidents Day Weekend in February. The weekend also consists of the annual league meeting and the end-of-season awards banquet.

Past Champions[edit]

Year Champion Runner-Up Host
2017 UCLA Washington South Lake Tahoe
2016 Utah USC South Lake Tahoe
2015 Utah Oregon South Lake Tahoe
2014 Arizona State Utah Utah
2013 Utah Oregon USC
2012 Washington Utah Washington
2011 Washington Oregon Washington
2010 USC Washington USC
2009 Oregon Washington Oregon
2008 Oregon USC Washington State
2007 USC Oregon UCLA
2006 USC Oregon Oregon
2005 Oregon Washington California
2004 California USC Washington
2003 USC California USC
2002 USC Washington Stanford
2001 USC
2000 USC
1999 UCLA
1998 USC
1997 Stanford UCLA USC
1996 Stanford California Stanford


Team Titles Years
USC 8 2010, 2007, 2006, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998
Utah 3 2016, 2015, 2013
Oregon 3 2009, 2008, 2005
UCLA 2 2017, 1999
Washington 2 2012, 2011
Stanford 2 1997, 1996
Arizona State 1 2014
California 1 2004

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