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PAAMCO (Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company)
Industry Financial Services
Founded 2000; 17 years ago (2000)
Founder Founded in 2000 by Jane Buchan, Jim Berens, Bill Knight and Judy Posnikoff
Headquarters 19540 Jamboree Road
Irvine, California
United States
Number of locations
Area served
Products Fund of Funds
Asset Management
Alternative Investment Management
Strategic Advisory
Total assets ~$9B
Number of employees

PAAMCO (Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company) is an institutional investment firm focused on hedge funds headquartered in Irvine, California with offices in London and Singapore. Their clients include large public as well as private pension plans, financial institutions, endowments and foundations. PAAMCO is dedicated to offering alternative investment solutions to the world's preeminent, tax-exempt investors.[1]


PAAMCO has established a Sector Specialist approach in which senior investment professionals lead a research-driven investment management process to build customized hedge fund portfolios. The firm requires full position-level transparency from its underlying hedge fund managers and has established a multi-strategy, institutional and customized approach to investing in hedge funds for institutional investors. PAAMCO’s emphasis is on early stage managers that research and experience have shown to outperform more established hedge funds.[2] As needs and best practices took shape, PAAMCO created a proprietary managed account platform in 2005 to allow enhanced oversight and a greater ability to tailor exposures for its clients. In 2007 it was a founder member of the Hedge Fund Standards Board which sets a voluntary code of standards of best practice endorsed by its members.[3]

PAAMCO was ranked #2 among alternatives managers for Best Places to Work in 2014.[4]


The firm is specialized in the following strategies:convertible bond hedging, distressed debt, equity market neutral, event-driven equity, fixed income relative value, long/short credit, long/short equity and opportunistic investments.


PAAMCO was founded in 2000 by four partners, including Jane Buchan,[5] who is involved with 100 Women in Hedge Funds, and who received a BA from Yale and a PhD from Harvard.[6] PAAMCO expanded its U.S. operations to London in 2003 and Singapore in 2006.[7] In February 2011, the CAIA Association and PAAMCO announced a partnership to provide 10 scholarships towards the CAIA designation.[8] Co-founder Judith Posnikoff has endowed a scholarship at her graduate alma mater, University of California, Riverside.[9] Other founders include Bill Knight (PhD University of California, Riverside) and Jim Berens (PhD University of California, Irvine).[10]


  • Jane Buchan, PhD, CAIA, Chief Executive Officer, Sector Specialist
  • James Berens, PhD, Sector Specialist
  • Mayer Cherem,[11] CFA, CQF, Sector Specialist, Portfolio Solutions
  • Ronan Cosgrave, CFA, CQF, Sector Specialist
  • Lisa Fridman, CFA, CQF, Research, Head of London Office
  • Von Hughes, JD, MPP, CAIA, Strategic Advisory
  • Alper Ince, CFA, Sector Specialist
  • Philippe Jorion, PhD, Risk Management
  • Kemmy Koh, CFA, Sector Specialist, Head of Singapore Office
  • Jim Meehan, Account and Portfolio Management
  • Carrie McCabe, Managing Director, Global Strategy
  • Stephen Oxley, IMC, Account and Portfolio Management
  • Putri Pascualy, CFA, CQF, Senior Credit Strategist
  • Judith Posnikoff, PhD, Portfolio Construction Group
  • Anne-Gaelle Pouille, CFA, CQF, Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Construction Group
  • Scott Warner, FRM, CFA, Sector Specialist
  • David B. Weinberger, PhD, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Construction Group
  • Jeffrey Willardson, CFA, CQF, Portfolio Construction Group
  • Kevin Williams,[12] CFA, Account and Portfolio Management
  • Basil Williams, Managing Director, Co-Head of Portfolio Management

Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company is the 9th largest fund-of-hedge-funds according to The Hedge Fund Journal as of June 30, 2009.[13]


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