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Pacific Coast Hellway was an adult-themed podcast hosted by Parsec award-winning author, screenwriter Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff from Los Angeles, California. Featuring uncensored comedy and rants, Nemcoff records the show each weekday inside of his self-described BMW "3-series studio" during his commute to work along Southern California's famed Pacific Coast Highway to his office in Venice Beach, California.


In May 2005, Nemcoff launched Pacific Coast Hellway as a one-man operation but the demands of doing five shows a week and the desire to constantly improve the show and keep it fun led Mark to bring aboard some comedy writer friends to help contribute ideas in the beginning of August 2005. In September 2005, Pacific Coast Hellway added more writers to its staff and a troupe of actors known as the "Pacific Coast Hellplayers". In the summer of 2007, PCH began to turn a profit making Nemcoff one of the first new media producers to leverage podcasting into a full-time career.

In November 2005, Pacific Coast Hellway made its debut on Sirius Satellite Radio when Adam Curry added the show to his PodSquad. In addition to its daily downloadable podcast, Pacific Coast Hellway also appears on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 102 in the timeslot immediately after Adam Curry's Daily Source Code. In April 2007 Sirius and Podshow ended the broadcasts.[1] Podshow podcasters were not given notice of the end of this arrangement.[2]

In 2006, Nemcoff assisted in the launch and operation (as Director of New Content) of PodShow L.A. and is the creator of the Podshow dramatic series "Shadow Falls" and the game show "Boned". Shadow Falls, touted as "podcasting's first professionally produced drama series".[3]


In July 2006, it was discovered that Nemcoff included text within his website in the purpose of gaining traffic ("keyword spamming") using popular search terms relating to podcasting and other podcasters. The keywords included words of a sexual nature and the names of more popular podcasts such as Keith and the Girl and Diggnation. Once discovered by fans of Keith and The Girl, Nemcoff altered the text, adding:

Hey Keith and the Girl listeners... if you're looking here, guess what... you've been Punk'd, bitches. The way search engines work is they pick up even the tiny words hidden on your page, so when I put this on my site, whenever someone searches for "Keith and the Girl", "Diggnation" or any of the other terms hidden in black, including the words "hidden" "in" and "black", somewhere in that search will come up "Pacific Coast Hellway"... LOL.

That same month, Nemcoff ranted on a podcast about Keith Malley, facetiously claiming that he should "bring a fucking knife" to any ensuing meeting between the two.[4]


Many of the Keith and The Girl message board posters also expressed criticisms regarding Nemcoff's vocal style, his cheerleading for Podshow and its media properties, and his comedic style (which some said was an imitation of comedian Dennis Miller). The iTunes podcast listener reviews also show a mixed-bag of feelings for PCH and Nemcoff, with a polarity between those who love the show and those who hate it.[5]


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