Pacific Collegiate Hockey Association

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Pacific Collegiate Hockey Association
Established: 1972
Sport: Ice hockey
League: ACHA
Classification: Division 2
Members: 9
State(s): California
President: Jim Schrage
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The Pacific Collegiate Hockey Association (PCHA) is a collegiate hockey conference within Division 2 of the ACHA. The PCHA has been in operation for more than 40 years and administers the PCHA Playoffs at the conclusion of each regular season. The winner of the PCHA Playoffs receives the coveted Adams Cup, named after Cary Adams who started the conference.

At the end of the 2007-08 season San Diego State became the first PCHA team to make the ACHA Division 3 National Championship Game. They lost to California University (PA). At the end of the 2010-11 season College of the Canyons became the first PCHA team to win a National Championship defeating Hope College 5-3.

For the 2016-17 season the PCHA was successfully able to move up to Division 2 of the ACHA.


The Pacific Collegiate Hockey Association, originally dubbed the Southern California Collegiate Hockey Association, began in 1972. The three original charter schools were Cal State Northridge, UCLA and Cal Tech. Northern Arizona is the only school outside of California to compete in the league. Five years after the conference's inception, the PCHA began instituting a post-season tournament entitled the PCHA Playoffs. USC won the conference's first championship. There have been 17 schools total that have won the Adams Cup. After winning the 2012 championship, College of the Canyons became the first school to win the Adam's Cup four years in a row.


School Location Founded Joined Affiliation Nickname Colors

California Lutheran University Thousand Oaks, CA 1959 2016 Private (Lutheran) Knights          
San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA 1899 2013 Public (California State University System) Gators          
Santa Clara University Santa Clara, CA 1851 2016 Private (Roman Catholic) Broncos          
San Jose State University San Jose, CA 1857 2016 Public (California State University System) Spartans          
Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa, CA 1918 2012 Community College Polar Bears          
University of California, Davis Davis, CA 1905 2012 Public (University of California System) Aggies          
University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA 1960 2016 Public (University of California System) Tritons          
University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 1891 2016 Public (University of California System) Gauchos          
University of California, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA 1965 2016 Public (University of California System) Banana Slugs          

Former Members[edit]

School Current League (Conference)
Cal Tech
Cal State Fullerton ACHA D-2 (WCHC)
Cal State Northridge ACHA D-2 (WCHC)
College of the Canyons
Fresno State
Long Beach State ACHA D-2 (WCHC)
Pierce College
LA Valley College
Moorpark College NCHA (Southwest Conference)
Northern Arizona (D-2) ACHA D-2 (Independent)
Northern Arizona (D-3) ACHA D-3 (Independent)
Orange Coast College
Sacramento State
San Diego State ACHA D-2 (WCHC)
Stanford ACHA (PAC-8)
California ACHA D-2 (PAC-8)
UC Irvine
University of Redlands
West LA College

Adams Cup Champions[edit]

Year Champion Runner-Up Score Host Team/City
2017 San Jose State Santa Clara 5-1 South Lake Tahoe
2016 Santa Rosa JC UC Davis 7-3 Santa Rosa JC
2015 Santa Rosa JC UC Davis 3-2 South Lake Tahoe
2014 Santa Rosa JC Santa Clara 5-3 UC Davis
2013 Santa Rosa JC UC Davis 9-5 South Lake Tahoe
2012 College of the Canyons Cal State Northridge 10-4 Bakersfield
2011 College of the Canyons Cal State Northridge 14-1 Fresno State
2010 College of the Canyons Cal State Northridge 6-4 South Lake Tahoe
2009 College of the Canyons Northern Arizona 8-1 Fresno State
2008 San Diego State Cal State Northridge 12-2 Bakersfield
2007 San Diego State Northern Arizona Best of 3 (2-0) Northern Arizona
2006 UC San Diego Santa Rosa JC Best of 3 CSUN
2005 Moorpark College Santa Rosa JC Fresno State
2004 College of the Canyons UC Davis South Lake Tahoe
2003 Fresno State College of the Canyons San Diego
2002 UC San Diego
2001 UC San Diego
2000 UC San Diego
1999 Cal State Northridge
1998 San Diego State
1997 San Jose State
1996 Orange Coast College
1995 San Jose State
1994 San Jose State
1993 San Jose State
1992 Stanford
1991 UCLA
1990 Pepperdine
1989 UCLA
1988 Cal State Fullerton
1987 Cal State Fullerton
1986 Cal State Fullerton
1985 USC
1984 Pierce College
1983 Cal State Northridge
1982 Long Beach State
1981 USC
1980 USC
1979 Los Angeles Valley College
1978 Cal State Northridge
1977 USC


Team Titles Years
San Jose State 5 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2017
College of the Canyons 5 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Santa Rosa Junior College 4 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
UC San Diego 4 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006
USC 4 1977, 1980, 1981, 1985
San Diego State 3 1998, 2007, 2008
Cal State Northridge 3 1978, 1983, 1999
Cal State Fullerton 3 1986, 1987, 1988
UCLA 2 1989, 1991
Moorpark College 1 2005
Fresno State 1 2003
Orange Coast College 1 1996
Stanford 1 1992
Pepperdine 1 1990
Pierce College 1 1984
Long Beach State 1 1982
Los Angeles Valley College 1 1979

Division Champions[edit]

From the 2007-08 season until the 2010-11 season the PCHA was split into two divisions, the North and the South. The winner of each division would receive a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

Year North Division Champion South Division Champion
2007-08 Santa Clara San Diego State^
2008-09 Fresno State Northern Arizona
2009-10 Fresno State College of the Canyons^
2010-11 Sacramento State College of the Canyons^

^Won Adam's Cup

ACHA Division 3 Nationals Teams[edit]

Since 2002, the PCHA has sent 17 teams to the ACHA Division 3 National Tournament. Two teams have reached the National Championship Game, San Diego State in 2008 and College of the Canyons in 2011. San Diego State lost to California (PA) and COC defeated Hope College to become the first National Champion from the PCHA. COC made the most appearances with seven before becoming an independent Division 3 team. Northern Arizona made three appearances before moving up to Division 2. Cal State Northridge and San Diego State made two appearances before moving up to Division 2. West LA College, Fresno State and UC San Diego each made one appearance. Cal State Northridge in their second game at the 2012 National Tournament, was involved in the first tie in Division 3 Nationals history against Hope College.

2012 Host City: Vineland, NJ

Davenport (L 8-2)

Robert Morris (W 9-6)

Central Florida (W 7-6 OT)

Hope College (T 5-5)

California (PA) (L 8-6)

Alabama (W 7-6 OT)

2011 Host City: Holland, MI

Fredonia State (W 4-3)

Loyola-Maryland (W 5-4)

Saginaw Valley State (W 4-1)

California (PA) (W 2-1 OT)

National Championship Game- Hope College (W 5-3)

2010 Host City: Fort Myers, FL

Florida (W 8-3)

Robert Morris (W 7-4)

Saginaw Valley State (L 4-1)

Central Florida (L 7-4)

California (PA) (L 9-2)

Lansing Community College (W 8-6)

2009 Host City: Rochester, NY

Penn State-Brandywine (W 5-1)

Saginaw Valley State (L 7-2)

College of the Canyons (W 11-3)

Dordt College (L 2-1 SO)

Albany (W 6-5)

Grand Valley State (L 7-2)

Northern Arizona (L 11-3)

Georgia Tech (L 9-7)

2008 Host City: Rochester, MN

Tennessee (W 5-3)

Hope College (W 6-1)

Central Florida (W 6-1)

National Championship Game- California (PA) (L 7-3)

Northwood (W 4-3)

California (PA) (L 7-3)

Farmingdale State (W 5-4)

Hope College (L 4-3)

2007 Host City: Fort Wayne, IN

Tennessee (W 9-5)

Albany (L 3-2)

Northern Colorado (L 8-3)

Indiana (PA) (L 3-2)

Kennesaw State (L 12-3)

California (PA) (W 11-5)

San Diego State (W 6-5)

Wright State (L 12-4)

Indiana (PA) (L 6-4)

Central Florida (W 3-2)

College of the Canyons (L 6-5)

Penn State-Berks (L 3-1)

2006 Host City: Fort Myers, FL

Wright State (L 6-1)

Indiana (PA) (W 5-4 SO)

Central Florida (L 12-1)

Pittsburgh-Johnstown (L 9-2)

2005 Host School: California (PA)

St. Vincent (W 9-4)

Penn State-Berks (L 7-3)

California (PA) (W 7-2)

Wright State (L 8-2)

2004 Host School: Arizona State

Indiana (PA) (L 1-0)

Florida Gulf Coast (W 9-4)

Radford (W 16-1)

Georgia Tech (W 9-2)

2003 Host School: Muskegon Community College

Wagner College (W 3-2)

Hope College (L 1-0)

Tennessee (W 9-7)

Georgetown (W 5-4)

2002 Host School: Georgia Tech

Georgia (W 4-3)

Muskegon Community College (L 5-3)

Slippery Rock (L 3-2)

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