Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines

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Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines
Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines Logo.jpg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 9 October 1990
Hubs Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Secondary hubs Clark International Airport
Fleet size 2
Destinations 17
Headquarters Pasay City, Philippines

Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines, Inc. is a cargo airline based in Pasay City, Philippines. The carrier serves domestic services from the Philippines with two Boeing 727 freighter aircraft. The airline also has an agreement on selected routes flown by Air Philippines.[1] PEAC was also an affiliate airline of TNT Airways, with PEAC operating TNT leased BAe 146 aircraft.[2][3]


On October 9, 1990, Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines, Inc. (PEAC) was officially formed and on the 20th of December 1991 was granted a certificate of public convenience and necessity (CPCN) to operate scheduled international all-cargo services.[1]

On the September 1, 1999, the airline came to a cargo agreement with local airline, Air Philippines.[1] During 2002 the airline operated freighter flights to Hong Kong using A300F type aircraft leased from the Turkish Airline, MNG Airlines,[4] freighter flights to Taipei using a Boeing 727F and domestic freighter flights to Cebu and Clark utilizing another B727 freighter.[1]


Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines (PEAC) serves Domestic and Regional destinations around the Philippines and surrounding region with a fleet of 727 freighter aircraft and a variety of leased aircraft. The airline also has an agreement with domestic carrier, Air Philippines, to codeshare selected cargo operations to airports that Air Philippines operates to.[1] During a tie-up with TNT, PEAC leased four Bae 146 aircraft from TNT Airways, at the end of the lease in 1999 the aircraft where returned to Europe.[5] The TNT-PEAC joint-venture also considered re-locating the airlines HUB from Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Nearby Olongapo's Subic Bay International Airport.[6]

In June 2006, PEAC resumed its three times weekly Angeles-Clark (Angeles City) – Taipei all-cargo services utilizing a B727-200F freighter.[7] This is in addition to PEAC’s five times weekly service between Cebu and Angeles-Clark utilizing a B727-100 freighter with aircraft registry RPC-5353, operating since 2002.[7]


Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines (PEAC) serves the following Destinations (May, 2008). This also includes Cargo flights with their Air Philippines Agreement.[8] The Airline also offers its 727 aircraft for charter services.[9]

Southeast Asia[edit]


East Asia[edit]

Republic of China (Taiwan)[edit]

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Former destinations[edit]

People's Republic of China[edit]


South Korea[edit]


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Pacific East Asia Cargo fleet [14]
Aircraft In Service Origin Notes
Boeing 727F 727-100F: 1
727-200F: 1
 United States
McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71F 0 (2 on leased from BAX Global)  United States
Boeing 747-200F 0 (1 operated for Veteran Avia)  United States
Boeing 747-400F 0 (2 leased from Atlas Air)  United States
Antonov An-12 0 (1 leased from ATRAN)  Soviet Union
Antonov An-26 0 (2 on leased from Aerogaviota)  Soviet Union
Antonov An-30 0 (1 on leased from Polet Airlines)  Soviet Union
Ilyushin Il-76T 0 (1 on leased from Abakan-Avia)  Soviet Union
Airbus A300-600F 0 (2 on leased from FedEx Express)  France
Saab 340B 0 (1 leased for IBC Airways)  Sweden
Shaanxi Y-8F-300 0 (13 on order)  China
Indonesian Aerospace CN-235-220 0 (6 on order)  Indonesia
Antonov An-32 0 (3 on order)  Ukraine
Antonov An-72AT 0 (27 on order)  Ukraine/ Philippines To be fitted with winglet upgraded by PADC
Ilyushin Il-96-400T 0 (6 on order)  Russia
Boeing 767-300F 0 (3 on order)  United States fitted with blended winglets
Airbus A330-200F 0 (3 on order)  France
Boeing 747-8F 0 (4 on order)  United States
Total 2 in service (10+ on order)

(not including Boeing 737 Cargo flights operated on behalf of Air Philippines)

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