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The Pacific Flying Club is a flight school based out of Boundary Bay Airport in Delta, British Columbia. It is the largest flight school on the west coast of Canada. The Pacific Flying Club was formed on July 14, 1965. In 2015 Pacific Flying Club will be celebrating its 50th anniversary by hosting the Webster Memorial Trophy Competition.


Cessna 152: 11

Cessna 172: 9

Cessna 172R: 2

Cessna 172XP: 1

Cessna 172S G1000: 2

Piper Seneca: 2


Single Engine Aircraft: 25

Multi-Engine Aircraft: 2


Pacific Flying Club has three flight simulators available for use.

Pacific Flying Club has a state-of-the-art Al Sim MCC200 Level 5 Beechcraft King Air 200 Simulator for training. This advanced technology is utilized in all the courses and is the most advanced simulation available at Boundary Bay Airport. IFR renewal rides can now be done on this simulator saving a pilot time, money and concerns about icing levels and fog.

They also have a full motion Red Bird flight training device on-site, available to both members and students. With realistic wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit and full-motion capability for both single and multi-engine operations, the Redbird is Transport Canada certified for IFR renewal Flight Tests. The Redbird provides tremendous flexibility and compatibility, greatly enhancing the learning experience while reducing costs.

Finally, the PFC Elite FTD offers fabulous visuals and is a great instrument trainer. It’s perfect for IFR training or working on instrument training for the Private Pilot Licence.


Pacific Flying Club employs a team of flight instructors. A crew of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are also employed to maintain the heavily used fleet.


Pacific Flying Club has an online booking system which allows pilots to select their desired aircraft, instructor and time. Bookings can also be made in person or over the phone with dispatch.


Private pilot and Commercial pilot groundschool classes are offered at Pacific Flying Club. An online groundschool is also offered.

Groundschool runs continuously; students may join the first night of any subject area. Students may attend as many times as they wish at no added cost. Required texts and supplies may be purchased from the club.

Pacific Flying Club also has a partnership with Aerocourse, leaders in IFR and ATPL training. Together, Pacific Flying Club and Aerocourse offer an IFR groundschool that goes beyond a written examination preparation course and prepares you for your career or comprehensive IFR flying.

Diploma Program[edit]

Pacific Flying Club partners with British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) to provide the "Airline and Flight Operations - Commercial Pilot" diploma. The program allows the student to achieve a Commercial Pilots License, a Multi-Engine rating and an Instrument Rating as well as obtaining a college diploma. The program starts in May of each year.

The program, started in 2002, has recently undergone changes and an update to the syllabus. It is delivered in four consecutive academic terms, with small breaks for holidays and flying time. Program length has been extended to 18 months in total duration, up from 16 months originally. This was partially for additional breaks and flying, allowing for the possibility of extended periods of inclement weather.

The British Columbia Institute of Technology has recently constructed a $76 million dedicated Aerospace Technology Campus to serve the future demand for educational spots in an expanding industry. The campus opened in 2007, is 285,000 square feet (26,500 m2), including a 43,000-square-foot (4,000 m2) hangar featuring a Westjet Boeing 737-200.

Social Media[edit]

In late 2011 PFC launched the PFC Traveling Pen and it has since blossomed into an initiative that has gathered over 400 photos from students, staff, and members. Since the launch the pen has traveled the world to places as far away as Egypt, China, Las Vegas, Jamaica and Yellowknife to name just a few!

Pacific Flying Club is active in the social media world with its Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

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