Pacific Highlands Ranch, San Diego

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Coordinates: 32°57′54.24″N 117°11′31.41″W / 32.9650667°N 117.1920583°W / 32.9650667; -117.1920583

Pacific Highlands Ranch, San Diego
Community of San Diego
Pacific Highlands Ranch
Pacific Highlands Ranch and surrounding communities
Pacific Highlands Ranch and surrounding communities
Pacific Highlands Ranch, San Diego is located in Northeastern San Diego
Pacific Highlands Ranch, San Diego
Pacific Highlands Ranch, San Diego
Location within Northeastern San Diego
Coordinates: 32°57′54″N 117°11′31″W / 32.965067°N 117.192058°W / 32.965067; -117.192058
Country  United States of America
State  California
County San Diego
City San Diego

Pacific Highlands Ranch is a primarily residential community of 2,652 acres (1,073 ha) located in northern San Diego, California.[1]

The majority of the community is being developed by Pardee Homes and the majority of the community has been developed in the 2000s.[2]


The community is bordered to the north by Fairbanks Ranch and Rancho Santa Fe, to the south by Del Mar Mesa, to the east by Torrey Highlands, and to the west by Carmel Valley. State Route 56 (Ted Williams Freeway) passes through this community.

1,300 acres (49 percent) of this community is preserved as natural habitat.[2]


According to January 2010 estimates by the San Diego Association of Governments,[3] there were 4,224 people and 1655 households residing in the neighborhood. The estimated racial makeup was 68.5% White, 17.4% Asian & Pacific Islander, 11.7% Hispanic, 1.6% from other races, 0.4% African American, and 0.2% American Indian. The median age was 40.9 with 22.7% under the age of 18 and 13.2% over the age of 65. The estimated median household income was $269,757 (current dollars); 47% of the community made more than $200,000; 52% made between $60,000 and $199,999; and 1% made less than $60,000.


Public schools in this community include Sycamore Ridge elementary (Del Mar Union School District) and Canyon Crest Academy (San Dieguito Union High School District). The only private school in this community is Cathedral Catholic High School (Roman Catholic); however, San Diego Jewish Academy, located in Carmel Valley, is within close proximity of the western border of Pacific Highland Ranch.

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