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The Pacific Steel Casting Company (PSC) is a steel foundry located at 1333 Second Street in West Berkeley, California. It is the third largest steel foundry in the United States, employing 350 people.[1]

The company was founded in 1934 by Douglas Genger and Ivan Johnson who had lost their jobs at General Metals in nearby Oakland as a result of the Great Depression.[citation needed] They bought a steel foundry in West Berkeley that had been repossessed by Wells Fargo, re-opening it as Pacific Steel Casting Company. PSC's business took off with the advent of World War II. The company added another plant in 1974, and a third in 1981.[2]

Pacific Steel lost a third of its workforce in 2011 after a U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement audit.[3][4]

In Early 2014, the company filed for bankruptcy protection[5]

August 25, 2014 Speyside Equity and Alcast Company partner to acquire Pacific Steel Castings, now called Pacific Steel Castings LLC.[6]


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