Pacific Sun (song)

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"Pacific Sun"
Song by Force & Styles featuring Junior
Released 1997 (1997)
Recorded 1997
UK Dance Studios, Clacton-on-Sea
Genre Happy hardcore
Length 7:23
Label UK Dance
Writer(s) Paul Hobbs, Darren Mew, Leon Van Brown
Producer(s) Force & Styles

"Pacific Sun" is a song originally written and recorded by Force & Styles featuring Junior. It was originally released on white label in 1997 and appeared on their greatest hits album Heart of Gold (2000). The song has also been covered numerous times with other versions recorded by Flip & Fill featuring Junior, Ultrabeat and Darren Styles

Force & Styles version[edit]

The Force & Styles version of "Pacific Sun" is happy hardcore song with vocals by Junior. The song was written and recorded by the three at Force & Styles' UK Dance Studios in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex in 1997. "Pacific Sun" was pressed as a one-sided white label record their own label UK Dance Records in 1997. It was also re-released as a b-side to "Field of Dreams" later in 2001. Hardcore producers, Sy & Unknown, released their remix of the song in 2006, on their own label, Quosh Records.

List of remixes
  • "Pacific Sun" – 7:23
  • "Pacific Sun" (Sy & Unknown remix) – 5:15

Cover versions[edit]

Flip & Fill version[edit]

In 2004, producers Flip & Fill covered the track with vocals by Junior, who had also written new verses for the song. The new song, titled "Pacific Sun (Lullaby)", was released by All Around the World on 12" promo and the song appeared on the Clubland 6 compilation album. The song is expected to appear on Flip & Fill's second album, which is yet to be released.

List of remixes
  • "Pacific Sun (Lullaby)" (club mix)
  • "Pacific Sun (Lullaby)" (Cheeky Trax remix)
  • "Pacific Sun (Lullaby)" (Styles & Breeze remix)

Ultrabeat version[edit]

Liverpool producers, Ultrabeat, also signed to the All Around The World record label, had recorded a cover of Force & Styles' original "Pacific Sun". In 2007, the song was released as a bonus track on Ultrabeat: The Album.

Darren Styles & Re-Con version[edit]

Darren Styles recorded a new version of "Pacific Sun" for his second studio album Feel the Pressure (2010). This recording of the song had lead vocals performed by Darren Styles himself and contained an extra verse. It was produced by Darren Styles and Re-Con and was first performed live during the Darren Styles and Ultrabeat tour in 2009. It is also included on the compilation album Hardcore Til I Die 3 (2010).


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