Pacific Western Airlines Flight 501

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Pacific Western Airlines Flight 501
Pacific Western Airlines Boeing 737-275; C-GQPW,August 1983 DSA (5164278778).jpg
The aircraft involved in accident.
Accident summary
Date March 22, 1984
Summary Fire
Site Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Passengers 114
Crew 5
Injuries (non-fatal) 27 (5 serious, 22 minor)
Survivors 119 (all)
Aircraft type Boeing 737-275
Operator Pacific Western Airlines
Registration C-GQPW[1]

Pacific Western Airlines Flight 501 was a regularly scheduled flight that flew between Calgary, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The aircraft caught fire during takeoff on March 22, 1984.

Accident description[edit]

The Boeing 737 taxied from the Calgary International Airport at 7:35 AM and proceeded to take off north on runway 34-16, carrying five crew members and 114 passengers. At 7:42 AM, a loud popping sound was heard 20 seconds into takeoff. The aircraft began to vibrate and veer to the left, and a fire broke out in the rear of the aircraft. The pilot, Stan Fleming, managed to abort the take-off.

An emergency evacuation was ordered as the fire continued to roar. Five people were seriously injured and 22 suffered minor injuries, but no-one was killed. The aircraft was destroyed by the fire.

The fire was attributed to a faulty compressor disc that blew apart, rupturing the fuel tanks. This incident was similar to the cause of the British Airtours Flight 28M disaster that claimed 55 lives in 1985.

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Coordinates: 51°07′21″N 114°00′47″W / 51.1225°N 114.0130°W / 51.1225; -114.0130

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