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Pack for a Purpose is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Founded at the end of 2009 by Rebecca Rothney, Pack for a Purpose provides travelers with specific needs lists for community projects around the world that are supported by accommodations and tour companies affiliated with the organization.[1]


Pack for a Purpose was established in December 2009 by Rebecca Rothney and a small team of volunteers. Its mission is "to positively impact communities around the world by assisting travelers who want to bring meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit."

The organization began as a way to inform travelers of specific needs in places and communities outside of the United States, believing that "people fortunate enough to travel to other countries [could make meaningful contributions]" to the places they visited if they were provided with the specific information on how to do so.

It is Pack for a Purpose's belief that such contributions are one way travelers can express appreciation for the experiences and hospitality they have abroad. [2]


Pack for a Purpose provides supply lists on its website for destinations in over 60 countries. These lists are provided by the local, community-based projects which receive and use the supplies. Because these lists are directly provided by specific communities around the world, they enable travelers to make informed decisions about the items they bring with them abroad.[3]

Board of directors[edit]

Pack for a Purpose's board of directors are "experienced travelers and active contributors to their communities." Among their members are "entrepreneurs, professionals, and employees of local businesses," all of whom "continue to be involved with many other non-profits and are committed to enhancing the global community in which they live."

They include the following individuals: Rebecca Rothney, Chairperson; Scott Rothney, Secretary; Kristen Hoyle, Treasurer; Jan Karn, Director; r, Director; Keith Dokho, Director; and Cindy Wittmer, Director.[4]


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