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Packard Bentley.jpg
Manufacturer private
Production one-off
Assembly Hand-built
Body and chassis
Body style Single-seater (Monoposto)
Layout FR layout
Related Napier-Bentley, Napier-Railton
Engine American 42 l (2,563.00 cu in) Packard V-12 Marine Engine
Curb weight 2.4 Tons
Predecessor Napier Bentley

The Packard-Bentley "Mavis" is a one-off vintage racing car. It is powered by a massive American 42 litre Packard 4M-2500 V-12, developing 1,500 bhp (1,100 kW) and (2,000 foot-pounds (2,700 N⋅m)) of torque, sourced from an American World War II-era marine military PT boat.[1]

The car was built by Vintage Sports-Car Club member and Napier-Bentley owner Chris Williams,[2] and debuted at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in July 2010.

The Packard-Bentley is based on a 1930 Bentley 8-litre chassis, highly modified. The car also has 24 exhaust pipes, reflecting its engine's twin-port design. The steering column is offset and angled to allow it to clear the huge engine block.

The car is a very popular spectator attraction, both static and whilst being driven.


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