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Packet generator

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A packet generator or packet builder is a type of software that generates random packets or allows the user to construct detailed custom packets. Depending on the network medium and operating system, packet generators utilize raw sockets, NDIS function calls, or direct access to the network adapter kernel-mode driver.

This is useful for testing implementations of IP stacks for bugs and security vulnerabilities.


General Information[edit]

Title Author OS Interface Link License
AnetTest Anton Titov Windows, Unix CLI AnetTest GPL
Bit-Twist Addy Yeow Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X Bit-Twist GPLv2
Cat Karat packet builder Valery Diomin, Yakov Tetruashvili Windows GUI Cat Karat packet builder Packet Builder License[1]
Colasoft Packet Builder Colasoft Colasoft Packet Builder Packet Builder License: Freeware
CommView Packet Generator TamoSoft For Ethernet For Wi-Fi Proprietary EULA
IP Sorcery Josiah Zayner Unix CLI and GUI IP Sorcery GPL
Nemesis Jeff Nathan Windows, Unix CLI Nemesis BSD
Ostinato Srivats P Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X GUI and API [1] GPLv3
Packet Construction Set George Neville-Neil Linux, BSD, Mac OS X CLI PCS BSD-like
Packet Sender Dan Nagle Windows, Linux, Mac OS X CLI and GUI Packet Sender GPLv2
Pktgen Linux Foundation Linux CLI Pktgen
packETH Miha Jemec GUI and CLI packETH GPLv3
pierf Pieter Blommaert Windows(Cygwin)/Linux CLI pierf free BSD
rain Michael Behan Linux, *BSD rain free GPLv2
Scapy Philippe BIONDI Linux/Unix/Windows Scapy GPLv2
targa3 Mixter Linux, Unix targa3 ?
UMPA Adriano Monteiro Marques Cross-platform (Python) ? UMPA GPLv2
trafgen Daniel Borkmann Linux CLI netsniff-ng
xcap cxxxap Windows GUI xcap Free
Simple Packet Sender (SPS) h0h1r4um Linux SPS GPLv3
WARP17 Juniper Networks CLI and API WARP17 BSD
Wirefloss Wirefloss Web page GUI Wirefloss Free
  1. ^ Custom: free for personal use

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