Paco Ibáñez

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Paco Ibáñez
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Background information
Born (1934-11-20)20 November 1934
Origin Spanish
Genres folk singer
Instruments guitar

Francisco "Paco" Ibáñez (born 20 November 1934 in Valencia) is a Spanish singer and musician.


He went to France in 1952 and recorded his first album in 1964. During the events in France of May 1968, he performed in the Sorbonne and became known as a rebel artist.

He never composed his own lyrics, but used famous poems, like those of Federico García Lorca, Luis Cernuda, Rafael Alberti or Miguel Hernández. He also sang compositions from Georges Brassens.


  • Paco Ibanez Vol.1(1964)
  • Paco Ibanez Vol.2(1967)
  • Paco Ibanez Vol.3(1969)
  • A Flor de Tiempo(1978)
  • Canta Brassens(1979)
  • Por Una Cancion (1990)
  • Oroitzen(1999)
  • Canta a Jose A Goytisolo(2002)
  • Fue Ayer(2003)


  • En el Olympia(1969)
  • A galopar(1991)

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