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The Pact for Autonomies (Italian: Patto per le Autonomie) was an electoral pact signed by Lega Nord (LN), a federation of regionalist parties active in Northern and Central Italy, and the Movement for the Autonomy (MpA), a Sicilian-based regionalist party, for the 2006 general election.

The two parties filed common lists for the Chamber of Deputies: in Northern and Central Italy the candidates were provided by LN, while in Lazio and Southern Italy by the MpA.[1] As part of the pact, Giacomo Sanna, leader of the Sardinian Action Party (PSd'Az), stood as candidate for the Senate in the LN's list in Lombardy.[2] At the Chamber the LN–MpA list obtained just 4.6% and 26 deputies (21 in the North for LN and 5 in the South for the MpA),[3] while at the Senate Sanna was not elected.[4]

The electoral pact was soon disbanded with LN and the MpA finding themselves often on opposite sides of the political debate.