Pactola Dam

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Pactola Dam
Pactola Dam.jpg
Pactola Dam is located in South Dakota
Pactola Dam
Location of Pactola Dam in South Dakota
Country United States
Location Pennington County, South Dakota
Coordinates 44°04′16″N 103°29′10″W / 44.07111°N 103.48611°W / 44.07111; -103.48611Coordinates: 44°04′16″N 103°29′10″W / 44.07111°N 103.48611°W / 44.07111; -103.48611
Status Operational
Construction began 1952
Opening date 1956
Owner(s) U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment
Impounds Rapid Creek
Height 230 ft (70 m)
Length 2,236 ft (682 m)
Elevation at crest 4,655 ft (1,419 m)
Spillway capacity 245,000 cu ft/s (6,938 m3/s)
Creates Pactola Lake
Total capacity Total: 99,000 acre·ft (122,114,702 m3)
Flood storage:43,000 acre·ft (53,039,719 m3)
Normal elevation 4,580 ft (1,396 m)

Pactola Dam is an embankment dam on Rapid Creek in Pennington County, South Dakota. The purpose of the dam is flood control, water supply and recreation. The dam was approved by the Flood Control Act of 1944 and construction began on November 25, 1952 and the dam was complete on August 15, 1956.[1]

The dam and reservoir are part of the Rapid Valley Unit, along with the nearby Deerfield Dam. The dam is 230 ft (70 m) tall and 1,225 ft (373 m) long while the dam and its auxiliary dams are 2,236 ft (682 m) long. The dam has an uncontrolled overflow spillway with a maximum discharge capacity of 245,000 cu ft/s (6,938 m3/s). Total reservoir water storage is 99,000 acre·ft (122,114,702 m3) while 43,000 acre·ft (53,039,719 m3) of that is for flood control.[2]


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