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Pad or pads may refer to:


Computing and electronics[edit]

Input devices[edit]

  • Gamepad, joypad, or controller, an input device used in gaming
  • Graphics pad, a computer input device
  • Keypad, buttons arranged in a block
  • Touchpad or trackpad, a pointing device featuring a tactile sensor
  • Trigger pad, an electronic sensor on a drum

Other hardware[edit]

  • Contact pad, the designated surface area for an electrical contact
  • A resistive pad used in an attenuator
  • An electronic notebook
  • GRiDPad, known as first commercial tablet computer
  • iPad, a tablet computer made by Apple
  • ThinkPad, a laptop brand first designed and produced by IBM, but now owned by Lenovo
  • WatchPad, discontinued IBM smartwatch line
  • WorkPad, discontinued line of PDA, branded by IBM

Other uses in computing and electronics[edit]



  • Pad, some holes of woodwind instruments (clarinets, saxophones...) are closed by air-tight pads.
  • Soft, mellow timbres generated by synthesisers are often called pads, and are generally used as backing sounds.

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