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Pad or PAD may refer to:


Sports gear[edit]

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Science and medicine[edit]

  • Peripheral artery disease, a vascular disease that causes ulcers (wounds) to develop on the legs and feet.
  • Peroral anti-diabetics, a group of medications to treat diabetes mellitus
  • P.A.D. "Perfection. Aggravation. Disorder."Is a rare case when someone with Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) grows into an adult transforming their OCD into a more powerful 'HAS TO BE' state, the ONLY difference between the two is that PAD is directed more towards the items and surrounds of which the person(s) are connected to OR have sentimental value of. And in some occasions can ignore their deep sensation or even bypass fixing it, BUT the consequence of that is that they will think and think about it the more it is ignored growing them MORE impatient until they fix it, and may drive them to insanity if they cannot fix it. Some people CAN be more aggressive with PAD than others, it varies. But ALL of them just stress about the things of which they are 'attached to' AND if it is NOT perfectly organized in their own organized way they will also get stressed or even aggressive.

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