Padang Rengas

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For the federal constituency represented in the Dewan Rakyat, see Padang Rengas (federal constituency).

Padang Rengas is a very small town in Perak, Malaysia. The town is located about 15 km from Kuala Kangsar town. It has a police station, railway station, rural health centre, market and Schools ~ SJK(C) Khiu Min, SK Tun Dr. Ismail, SK Perempuan & SMK Tun Perak, including a Technical-based education school. Padang Rengas has a major cement manufacturing complex and surrounded by rubber estates.

One interesting site is Gunung Pondok, a large limestone hill that is being actively quarried by YTL.

Coordinates: 4°46′N 100°51′E / 4.767°N 100.850°E / 4.767; 100.850