Andalas State Polytechnics

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Andalas State Polytechnics
Politeknik Negeri Andalas
Logo Politeknik Negeri Padang.svg
Logo of Andalas State Polytechnics
Motto Think Academically, Act Professionally, Behave Nobly
Type Public university
Established March 12, 1985
October 5, 1987
Anniversary / Dies Natalis
Location Limau Manis Campus, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
0°54′50″S 100°28′01″E / 0.914°S 100.467°E / -0.914; 100.467Coordinates: 0°54′50″S 100°28′01″E / 0.914°S 100.467°E / -0.914; 100.467
Campus Limau Manis
Colors Green
Nickname Polytechnics of Andalas University
Affiliations Andalas University (until October 6, 2012)

Andalas State Polytechnics (or Andalas Polytechnics (Indonesian: Politeknik Negeri Andalas[1][2]), formerly named: Padang State Polytechnics (Indonesian: Politeknik Negeri Padang) and Polytechnics of Andalas University (Indonesian: Politeknik Universitas Andalas)) is a higher education institution in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.


Andalas State Polytechnics provides vocational education aimed at granting Expert associate degrees (Indonesian: Ahli Madya or A.Md.).

The dynamic curriculum is designed according to the needs of the industry and commerce sectors.[citation needed]

Studies and study programmes[edit]

There are 12 Diploma-3 study programmes and 7 Diploma-4 study programmes, spread over 7 studies, including:

Study Programme (Diploma-3) Programme (Diploma-4)
Civil engineering[3] Civil engineering Construction engineering management
Road and bridge design
Irrigation and wetland planning
Electrotechnics[4] Electric engineering
Electronics engineering
Telecommunication engineering
Industrial electronics
Telecommunication engineering
Information technology[5] Computer engineering
Information management
Mechanical engineering[6] Mechanical engineering
Heavy machinery
Trade administration[7] Business administration
Travel business
Accountancy[8] Accountancy Accountancy
English[9] English


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