Padayottam (2018 film)

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Padayottam movie poster.jpeg
Directed byRafeek Ibrahim
Produced bySophia Paul
Screenplay byArun A. R.
Ajai Rahul
Sonu Surendran
StarringBiju Menon
Ravi Singh
Anu Sithara
Music byPrashant Pillai
CinematographySatheesh Kurup
Edited byRatheesh Raj
Distributed byWeekend Blockbusters Release
Release date
  • 14 September 2018 (2018-09-14)

Padayottam is an Indian Malayalam-language gangster comedy film directed by Rafeek Ibrahim, with Biju Menon in the lead role.[1][2]


Senan, Sree, Renju and Pinku are small time gangsters in Thiruvananthapuram. Pinku gets beaten up one night and ends up with his attacker's phone. His friends set out vowing revenge, but are stopped in their tracks when they come to know that the guy is from Kasargode, all the way across the state of Kerala. Senan suggests they enlist the help of the feared goon, Chenkal Reghu.

The journey starts to come apart as soon as they hit the road, when their car breaks down, prompting them to hitch a ride on a college tour bus. A clearly uncomfortable Reghu becomes nauseous and ends up in a hospital in Kochi. They meet up with an acquaintance, Dominic who offers to lodge them at his boss, Baba's house where the latter's daughter's marriage is about to take place the next day. However, the bride, Sahiba elopes that night, and Baba tasks his friend RD, a gangster, to find her. The gang reluctantly take leave and seek the help of a local gangster Britto to arrange trasportation to Kasargode. The eternally suicidal Britto decides to pull a hit on the way, and ends up ditching them on the road. However, he sends a truck to get them to their destination.

The gang reach Kasargode the next morning and meet their local contact, Ratheesh, who informs them that the guy they are looking for is Dulquer Salman, the elder son of Samad, a big-time gangster. They stake out Samad's house, but come to learn that Salman had been kidnapped the previous day. Tracing his phone had led Samad to Thiruvananthapuram, and to Pinku. Assuming Reghu and gang were behind the kidnapping, he holds Pinku and Reghu's mother hostage, demanding Reghu bring back Salman.

Reghu decides to resolve this by tracking down Salman. Sree shows Dominic Salman's picture, who identifies him as the same guy who had eloped with Sahiba. RD had caught them and brought Sahiba back home. Baba, not knowing who Sahiba's lover was, had instructed RD to execute him. RD, who had an axe to grind with Samad, had conveniently kept Salman's identity from Baba. Baba, upon coming to know of this, tries to get RD back without avail. Reghu and gang meanwhile try to get to RD's hideout in Kochi while Ratheesh, flees with their money fearing repercussions from Samad. RD gets pulled over at a police checking and Salman uses this opportunity to make a break for it. An eventful journey brings Reghu and gang to Kochi, inadvertently finding Ratheesh on the way. However, Reghu gets frustrated with Renju's antics and leaves in a fit of anger.

Senan and the others decide to press on, assisted by Dominic and a motley crew of veteran thugs. However, at RD's hideout, he reveals that he had killed Salman already and was getting ready to bury him. In the ensuing confusion, Reghu makes an appearance and fights off RD and his gang. During this, he finds Salman alive in a room, who escapes in Rd's car. RD stops the fight by firing a gun, but unwittingly shoots down a huge vat, which crushes him. Reghu and gang chase Salman and finally get a hold of him. They convince him to accompany them to Samad to resolve the whole mess. Salman offers to call his father and get this over with quickly, provided they help him elope with Sahiba again. This they do and Salman honours his part of the agreement, proving to Samad that Reghu and gang were not at fault.

On reaching Thiruvananthapuram, Reghu takes Salman to make him apologize to Pinku, but Pinku is visibly confused on seeing Salman. He reveals that it was Salman's ten-year-old brother who had beaten him up. He had been indicating the kid who was in the background of the photo on Salman's phone. The gang realizes the whole trip was a misadventure, and an irate Reghu beats them up before leaving home with his mother.

In a mid-credits scene, Senan and gang come to Reghu's house to apologise, but are interrupted when Britto offers a gift, having kidnapped Salman again.



The title Padayottam was taken from the 1982 Malayalam film of the same name. Permission was granted by its production house and the filmmaker, Jijo Punnoose.


The film score was composed and arranged by Prashant Pillai, song lyrics were written by Hari Narayanan.[3]


Padayottam was released in India on 14 September 2018. It received positive reviews from audiences everywhere.[4]


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