Paddington Bear (1989 TV series)

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Paddington Bear
Created by Michael Bond (character)
Directed by Ray Patterson (Supervising)
Don Lusk
Paul Sommer
Oscar Dufau
Art Davis
Starring Charlie Adler
Tim Curry
Georgia Brown
Hamilton Camp
B. J. Ward
John Standing
R. J. Williams
Composer(s) Tom Worrrall
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Producer(s) Kay Wright
Running time 20 min.
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Central Independent Television
Original network Syndicated
Original release December 2, 1989 – January 21, 1990

Paddington Bear was the second television adaptation of the children's animated series and made by Hanna-Barbera in association with Central Independent Television. The character of an American boy named David, Jonathan and Judy Brown's cousin who arrived in London on the same day as Paddington, was added to the stories in this incarnation, it was part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera in 1989 and lasted 13 episodes.



# Episode Name Original air date
01 "Please Look After This Bear" 2 Dec 1989
As Mr. and Mrs. Brown pick up their nephew at Paddington Station, they meet a bear and decide to adopt him. They name him after the station. Paddington Bear has a little trouble adjusting to his new lifestyle, but the Browns help him out and buy him a new outfit, then go out to dinner.
02 "Calling Dr. Paddington" 3 Dec 1989
Mr. Curry tricks Paddington into doing his gardening chores. After a mishap that sends Mr. Curry to hospital, Paddington regularly visits him. Paddington's most recent visit gets him exploring various departments in the hospital. A doctor gives Paddington just the solution he needs for Mr. Curry.
03 "Curtain Call for Paddington" 9 Dec 1989
Paddington takes the Browns' clothes to the launderette, which seem to lead to disaster but have actually turned out very well. The Brown Family go to a theatre performance tonight. Paddington sneaks backstage and helps the actors to succeed in their performance.
04 "Paddington's Sticky Situation" 10 Dec 1989
Paddington visits the marmalade factory.
05 "Bear-Hugged" 16 Dec 1989
Mr. Gruber has a unique antique steam-powered car and Paddington helps him to restore it for the festive parade. Unfortunately when Paddington enters a caber toss competition it gets damaged. Paddington gets caught in a wrestling match but he convinces Mr. Galore to help with Mr. Gruber's car.
06 "Paddington Meets the Queen" 24 Dec 1989
Fascinated by Buckingham Palace, the Brown Family take Paddington to the Royal muse, where he gets into a royal coach and is met with Queen Elizabeth II, but he is arrested at the Tower of London and then mixed up in a suit of armour but he makes to the Queen in time for sandwiches.
07 "The Ghost of Christmas Paddington" 25 Dec 1989
It's Christmas time and Paddington finds himself in some very festive adventures including his nasty neighbor mistaking Paddington for the Ghost of Christmas Past. This episode aired during the premieres of Nick Park's Wallace and Gromit and Roald Dahl's The BFG.
08 "Paddington For Prime Minister" 6 Jan 1990
Today is election day for PM. Mr. Gruber takes Paddington to Hyde Park where he is nominated for PM much to the astonishment of the Browns. The current PM convinces Paddington to support him, so he can keep his position. In return, Paddington is appointed the Minister of Marmalade.
09 "Goings on at Number 32" 7 Jan 1990
When the television goes wrong, Paddington discovers that the repair man is really the Portobello Prowler and alerts the police.
10 "Fishing for Paddington" 13 Jan 1990
A day at the seaside begins to look a bit fishy when Paddington turns a paw to life-saving.
11 "Ride 'Em Paddington" 14 Jan 1990
The singing cowboy Rudy Tootin' finds he's got competition by the name of Paddington Bear. Paddington proves that he's just as handy with a horse and lasso as he is with a jar of marmalade.
12 "Expedition Paddington" 20 Jan 1990
In search of excitement, Paddington signs up for a raft expedition and finds that inflatable dinghies can be hard to handle.
13 "The Picture of Paddington Brown" 21 Jan 1990
Paddington's Aunt Lucy in Peru is missing him, so Paddington decides to buy her a jar of marmalade and a very special painting is the only way to raise the money


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