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A Paddle Pop is a milk-based frozen dairy snack made by Streets (owned by the multi-national company Unilever) and sold in Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries. It is held for eating by a wooden stick which protrudes at the base and is known as a Paddle Pop stick (used commonly for arts and crafts and known also as a popsicle stick[1][2] or craft stick[3]). The brand has a mascot known as the Paddle Pop lion who appears on the product wrapper.

Paddle pops as sold in supermarkets in box. The Paddle pop lion is visible in the lower left.

From its launch by Streets in 1953,[4] the popularity of Paddle Pops has resulted in the name becoming one of the best known brands in Australia.[5] It is Streets Icecream's biggest volume item[6] with A$70 million annual turnover.


Launched to the public in 1953[4][7] the brand had a 50-year anniversary in 2004 at which point it was one of the best known brands in Australia.[5] In 2005 there was a spin-off product which was the Paddle Pop flavour in a dairy snack form.[8] Since 2000, Paddle Pops have been produced in China.[9] Paddle Pops is now available in twenty countries,[10] although other countries may sell them under different brands from Streets' Heartbrand sister companies, Wall's and HB Ice Cream.

Streets came to media attention in 2010 when they reduced the size of the Paddle Pop by 15%. Streets claimed that this was to make them healthier but others attribute it to food inflation.[11]


  • Paddle Pop Galaktika (2005)
  • Paddle Pop Magilika (2006)
  • Paddle Pop Cyberion (2007)
  • Paddle Pop Pyrata (2008)
  • Paddle Pop Kombatei (2009)
  • Paddle Pop Elemagika (2010)
  • Paddle Pop Begins (2011)
  • Paddle Pop Begins 2 (2012)
  • Paddle Pop Dinoterra (2013)
  • Paddle Pop Magilika (2014)
  • Paddle Pop Atlantos (2016)


Over 97 million Paddle Pops are sold and eaten worldwide each year.[12]

Product Information[edit]

Paddle Pops were produced only in chocolate for the first two years.[13] To date, over 100 flavours of Paddle Pop have been sold.

Current flavours are:[14]

  • Rainbow
  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Vanilla (60th Anniversary)
  • Caramel
  • Choc Orange (Hero or Villain)
  • Cyclone (peach, pineapple, blueberry) [ice block]
  • Icy Twist Lemonade [ice block]
  • Thick Shake (chocolate)
  • Fruit Stack (tutti frutti) [Multipack-Only]
  • Trop-o-Saurus
  • Dino Tornado
  • Dragon Popper
  • Funny Finger
  • Strawberry
  • Aussie Rainbow

Discontinued and limited edition flavours have included:

  • Fruit Salad
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Malt
  • Caramel Choc [1989]
  • Butterscotch
  • Bubblegum
  • Double Bubblegum
  • Mint-Choc
  • Choc-Toff
  • Jubilee (banana, strawberry and choc-dipped chocolate) released to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the founding of the state of South Australia.
  • Banana Split (strawberry, vanilla & banana, choc-dipped) [1988]
  • Mud Puddle (vanilla with chocolate sauce centre)
  • Caramel Trax (caramel with a tire-track print)
  • Solar Flare (strawberry & orange)
  • Bubblegum Berry Lava (bubblegum with berry filing)
  • Moo Chocolate & Vanilla
  • Moo Strawberry Milkshake
  • Coffee
  • Jaffa Choc
  • Lime Slime
  • Redskin
  • Thick Shake (strawberry)
  • Gooey Mint Choc
  • Paw Print Caramel (paw-shaped)
  • Vanilla Jam Dount
  • Fun Fruit (watermelon-shaped)
  • Scribbler (pencil-shaped) [Multipack-Only]
  • Flaky Choc Caramel
  • Bionic Bubble Gum
  • Toffee Apple
  • Gooey Toffee Apple [2012]
  • Strawberry Buzz (vanilla and strawberry) [America]
  • Color Popper [Philippines]
  • Dracola [Philippines]
  • Berry Choc Lava [Philippines]
  • Fun Orange [Philippines]
  • Hip Hop Jelly (apple & peach) [Philippines]
  • Magic Star [Philippines]
  • Rainbow Spell [Philippines]
  • Dino Freeze [Philippines]
  • Choc Lava Power [Philippines]
  • Strawberry Charm [Philippines]
  • Dracola Black Magic [Philippines]
  • Lava Power [Philippines]
  • Twin Choco [Philippines]
  • Twin Orange [Philippines]
  • Jelli Snow [Philippines]
  • Tornado Grape [Philippines]
  • Rocket Jelly [Philippines]
  • Banana Boat [Indonesia]