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Paddle Board Yoga is the art performing of yoga while stand up paddle surfing (SUP) usually while the board is in calm water, such as a lake. The sport combines hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga asanas, or poses, with surfing.[1] Practitioners may practice on the beach sand or in a swimming pool to gain the strength and flexibility (anatomy) required to maintain the balance and postures on fluid water such as the ocean or a lake. Practitioners can begin by moving through a sequence of yoga postures, or asana, while standing on a normal length surfboard or a specially designed stand up paddle board.

This emerging sport was also featured in the Falcon Guide published book The Art of Stand Up Paddle.[2]

Yoga has its roots in India most likely developing around the sixth and fifth centuries BCE. Paddle boarding is said to have originated in Hawaii and just in the past century has yoga become popular in America.

In the short time it has been in existence, sup yoga has now grown to become an international community being taught at the Orange Bowl Paddle Championships and Wanderlust Festival.[3]

There has been media coverage in publications such as Yoga Journal[4] and[5]


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