Paddockwood, Saskatchewan

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Coordinates: 53°31′N 105°34′W / 53.517°N 105.567°W / 53.517; -105.567
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Rural Municipality Paddockwood No . 520
Federal Electoral District Prince Albert
Provincial Constituency Saskatchewan Rivers
 • Mayor Hintz Reg (2005)
Time zone Central (UTC-6)

Paddockwood is a village in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was named after the town Paddock Wood in Kent, England.

In the early 1900s by a Mr. Fred Pitts emigrated to the lumberland of Canada. From a log cabin he built there as a home, he set up a post office, collecting letters and parcels on horseback for residents of the settlement. He named the settlement Paddockwood after the village he had left in England.[2]

Paddockwood was the home of the first Red Cross hospital in the British Empire, and was set up after the First World War.[3]

Paddockwood is served by the Paddockwood Public Library [4] as well as the Helbig's Forest 9-hole Course Golf Club [5] Paddockwood belongs to the Saskatchewan Provincial Constituency of Saskatchewan Rivers [6] and the Federal Electoral District of Prince Albert.


Canada census – Paddockwood, Saskatchewan community profile
Population: 125 (-46% from 2001)
Land area: 0.65 km2 (0.25 sq mi)
Population density: 192.6/km2 (499/sq mi)
Median age: Not Available (M: Not Available, F: Not Available)
Total private dwellings: 64
Median household income: $Not Available
References: 2006[7] earlier[8]


Location and maps[edit]

  • Lat (DMS) 53° 31' 00" N
  • Long (DMS) 105° 34' 00" W
  • Dominion Land Survey Sec.25, Twp.52, R.25, W2
  • Time zone (est) UTC-6[10]

Coordinates: 53°31′N 105°34′W / 53.517°N 105.567°W / 53.517; -105.567

Location relative to other communities[edit]

North: Northern Provincial Forest Forest Gate | Rebitt Lake McConechy Lake | Montreal
West: Northside | Christopher Lake Emma Lake Paddockwood East: Meath Park | Weirdale Foxford
South: Albertville | Henribourg


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