Pader, Uganda

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Pader is located in Uganda
Map of Uganda showing the location of Pader
Coordinates: 02°52′40″N 33°05′06″E / 2.87778°N 33.08500°E / 2.87778; 33.08500
Country Uganda
RegionNorthern Uganda
Sub-regionAcholi sub-region
DistrictPader District
1,020 m (3,350 ft)
(2014 Census)
 • Total14,080[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Pader is a town in Pader District in the Northern Region of Uganda. The town is administered by the Pader Town Council, an urban local government. It is the largest metropolitan area in the district and the site of the district headquarters.


Pader is bordered by Pajule to the north, Parabong to the northeast, Lira Palwo to the east, Puranga to the south, and Awere to the west. The town is approximately 56 kilometres (35 mi), by road, southeast of Kitgum, the nearest large town.[2] Pader is approximately 133 kilometres (83 mi), by road, northeast of Gulu, the largest city in the Northern Region.[3] The coordinates of the town are 2°52'43.0"N, 33°05'06.0"E (Latitude:2.8786; Longitude:33.0850).[4]


Pader sprang up in 2000, the same year that Pader District was formed. The town soon became a center of foreign relief agencies assisting the civilian population affected by the Lord's Resistance Army insurgency. While over US$2 million has been poured into this effort, there is little to show for it because of corruption, poor planning, poor implementation, poor follow up, poor management, lack of accountability, and a hands-off approach by many of the donor agencies.[5][6]


Women of Pader pounding sorhum

The 2002 national census estimated the population of the town at about 8,700. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the population at 12,800 in 2010. In 2011, UBOS estimated the mid-year population at 13,500.[7] In August 2014, the national population census enumerated the population of the town at 14,080.[1]

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The following additional points of interest lie within or near the town of Pader:

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Coordinates: 2°52′43″N 33°05′06″E / 2.87861°N 33.08500°E / 2.87861; 33.08500