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Padilla Maduro is a brand of handmade premium cigar owned by Padilla Cigar Company.

History and Background[edit]

The brand was created by Ernesto Padilla and is manufactured in the Dominican Republic.[1] It was introduced in 2003.[2]


The wrapper is Mexican San Andrés negro;[1] the binder is Nicaraguan and the filler is a blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos.[1][2] The cigars come celloed in varnished boxes of 20.[2]

The band was designed by Ernesto Padilla. The ends and the top represent pen points and are a tribute to his father, Cuban ex-patriate, poet, writer and teacher Heberto Padilla.[3] The blue and silver background distinguishes it from the band of the Padilla Hybrid, which is black and gold.


Padilla Maduro band
Model Name Length (in.) Ring Gauge
Churchill 7 50
Torpedo 6.25 52
Robusto 5 50


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