Padise Parish

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Padise Parish
Padise vald
Municipality of Estonia
Padise Manor
Padise Manor
Flag of Padise Parish
Coat of arms of Padise Parish
Coat of arms
Padise Parish within Harju County.
Padise Parish within Harju County.
Country Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia
County Flag of et-Harju maakond.svg Harju County
Administrative centre Padise
 • Mayor Leemet Vaikmaa
 • Total 366.55 km2 (141.53 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 1,771
 • Density 4.8/km2 (13/sq mi)

Padise Parish (Estonian: Padise vald) is a rural municipality in Harju County, north-western Estonia. It covers an area of 366.55 km² and has a population of 1,771.

The administrative centre of Padise Parish is Padise village. It is located 47 km south-west from Estonia's capital, Tallinn.


The Padise name is first mentioned in the letter of the Danish king, which in 1283 confirmed the acquisition of the landed property for the future Cistercian Padise Abbey. In 1305 Eric VI of Denmark gave permission to the monks from Dünamünde to build a fortified monastery in Padise, the construction of which begun in 1317. In 1343 - at the time of St. George's Night Uprising - the first floor and part of the main floor walls were finished. The monastery was burnt down and 28 monks, lay brothers and German vassals were killed. The rebuilding of the monastery begun only after 1370 and the consecration of the main building took place as late as 1448. The monastery ceased to exist in 1559 during the Livonian War.

Local government[edit]

The current mayor (vallavanem) is Leemet Vaikmaa.


Populated places[edit]

There are 24 villages (est: külad, sg. küla) in Padise Parish: Alliklepa, Altküla, Änglema, Audevälja, Harju-Risti, Hatu, Karilepa, Kasepere, Keibu, Kobru, Kõmmaste, Kurkse, Laane, Langa, Määra, Madise, Metslõugu, Padise, Pae, Pedase, Suurküla, Vihterpalu, Vilivalla, Vintse.

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