Padla II of Kakheti

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P'adla II (Georgian: ფადლა II) (died 929 ) was a Prince and chorepiscopus of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 918 to 929.

He succeeded upon the death of his father, Kvirike I. His rule was marked by the Arab raids into Kakheti and Padla’s involvement in the struggles and dynastic feuds in various Caucasian polities. Early in his reign he lost the fortress of Orchobi to the neighboring ruler Adaranase Patrikios of Hereti who had ceded it to Padla’s father. In 922, Padla aided King Ashot II of Armenia in crushing the revolt by prince Moses of Utik. Later in his reign, he also assisted George II of Abkhazia against his rebellious son Prince Constantine. He was succeeded by his son Kvirike II.


Preceded by
Kvirike I
Prince of Kakheti
Succeeded by
Kvirike II