Padley Gorge

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Padley Gorge
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Padley Gorge
Padley gorge path
River Burbage Brook

Padley Gorge is a deep but narrow valley in the Peak District, Derbyshire between the village of Grindleford and the A6187 road.

The gorge is wooded with a stream, the Burbage Brook, at the bottom. This stream used to form the boundary between Derbyshire and Yorkshire but the boundary now follows the Hathersage Road (A625).

Padley Gorge begins near Grindleford Station at a stile where a post has been installed. Although the valley continues up towards Hathersage Road and Burbage, the gorge finishes at the edge of the woodland. Padley Gorge forms the backbone of several walks in the area[1] and the railway station approach road forms a convenient car park for walkers.

A short distance from the upper section of the gorge is the Fox House, a pub and hotel on the road to Sheffield which marks the beginning of Sheffield[citation needed]. Longshaw Estate is equally close and its lands include the gorge. The lands to the north and east of the gorge are moorland with relics of stone circles, for example the Stoke Flatt circle on Froggatt Edge and ancient settlements such as Swine Sty.


Coordinates: 53°18′20″N 1°37′29″W / 53.3055°N 1.6248°W / 53.3055; -1.6248