List of Padma Bhushan award recipients (2010–19)

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Padma Bhushan
Padma Bhushan India IIe Klasse.jpg
Awarded by Government of India
Type Civilian
Category National
Obverse A centrally located lotus flower is embossed and the text "Padma" written in Devanagari script is placed above and the text "Bhushan" is placed below the lotus.
Reverse A platinum Emblem of India placed in the centre with the national motto of India, "Satyameva Jayate" (Truth alone triumphs) in Devanagari Script
Ribbon IND Padma Bhushan BAR.png
Instituted 1954
First awarded 1954
Total awarded 195
Previous name(s) Padma Vibhushan "Dusra Warg" (Class II)
Award rank
← Padma Vibhushan Padma Shri →

The Padma Bhushan is the third highest civilian honour of the Republic of India, preceded by the Padma Vibhushan and followed by the Padma Shri. Presented by the Government of India since 1954 for "distinguished service of a high order", without distinction of race, occupation, position, or sex, the award consists of a certificate and a medallion and the recipient's name is registered in The Gazette of India. When instituted, the Padma Bhushan was classified as "Dusra Warg", a class-two award under the three-tier Padma Vibhushan awards, which were preceded by the Bharat Ratna in hierarchy. On 15 January 1955, the Padma Vibhushan was reclassified into three different awards as the Padma Vibhushan, the highest of the three, followed by the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Shri.[1][2][3] The Padma Bhushan, along with other personal civilian honours, was briefly suspended twice since its inception; for the first time in July 1977 and the suspension was annulled on 25 January 1980 by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The civilian awards were suspended again in mid-1992 for it being "titles" per an interpretation of Article 18 (1) of the Constitution of India.[4][a] On 25 August 1992, the Madhya Pradesh High Court issued a notice temporarily suspending all civilian awards.[4] On 15 December 1995, the Special Division Bench restored the awards and delivered a judgment that the "Bharat Ratna and Padma awards are not titles under Article 18 of the Constitution of India".[6]

The conferment on an Indian-American businessman Sant Singh Chatwal in 2010 created much controversy. Chatwal, who was awarded the Padma Bhushan in the field of Public Affairs, is known for his association with former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton and pled guilty to violating the Federal Election Campaign Act and witness tampering during the United States presidential election.[7] He was also accused of lobbying for the award by leveraging "his contacts in the Prime Minister's Office and United States Congress".[8] The Government, however, issued a press release defending the conferment. The statement mentioned Chatwal as a "tireless advocate" of the country's interest in the United States and clarified that out of five Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) registered cases against him between 1992 and 1994, three were closed by CBI itself and in remaining two cases, Chatwal was discharged by the Court and as per the reports that were made available to the selection committee, there was "nothing adverse on record against him".[9][10] According to media reports, there were several cases filed or registered after April 2009 which includes three criminal complaints with Kerala Police and four cases in Delhi High Court and Kerala High Court. Chatwal also served summons in January 2010. However, the then Union Home Secretary Gopal Krishna Pillai said that "no probe has been ordered nor any report sought from anyone".[11] Earlier in 2008, Chatwal was considered for the Padma Shri but the Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C. declined to nominate Chatwal when asked by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Ronen Sen who was then serving as the Indian Ambassador to the United States had told PMO that the conferral would not be appropriate because of the controversy associated with Chatwal's financial dealings in two countries. Sen had also mentioned that though positive, Chatwal's contribution are much less compared to other Indian-Americans and the bestowal would not only "demoralise the others who had done much more" but also would create "the impression that India did not regard lack of transparency in financial dealings as a disqualification for its highest honours".[12]

In 2013, playback singer S. Janaki refused to accept her award and stated that "the award has come late in her five-and-half-decade long career". The singer also mentioned that she is not against the Government and expressed happiness for the recognition but requested the Government to "show some more consideration to the artists from the southern parts of the country.[13] In 2014, family members of J. S. Verma who served as 27th Chief Justice of India refused the posthumous conferral stating that "Verma himself would not have accepted" the honour as he "never hankered or lobbied for any acclaim, reward or favour".[14]

As of 2017, a total of one hundred and ninety-five individuals have been conferred with the award in 2010s. Forty-three conferments were presented in 2010, thirty-one in 2011, twenty-eight in 2012, twenty-three in 2013, twenty-four in 2014, twenty in 2015, nineteen in 2016, and seven in 2017. These included twenty-six foreign recipients; one each from the Bangladesh, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, and Thailand, three from United Kingdom, and eighteen from the United States. Individuals from ten different fields were awarded, which includes fifty-five artists, fourteen civil servants, thirty-three from literature and education, seventeen from medicine, twelve from public affairs, twenty-three from science and engineering, seven from social work, seven sportspersons, nineteen from trade and industry, and nine from other fields. Most recently on 25 January 2017, the award has been bestowed upon seven recipients; Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Deviprasad Dwivedi, Ratnasundarsuri, Niranjanananda Saraswati, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand, Tehemton Erach Udwadia, and posthumously on Cho Ramaswamy.[15]

List of recipients[edit]

Close-up of a man with white beard.
Ilaiyaraaja (2010)
image of a man with black suit.
Dharmendra (2012)
image of a woman.
Mira Nair (2012)
image of a man with white shirt.
Black & white image of a man with black moustache.
D. Ramanaidu (2013)
image of a woman with black dress.
Mary Kom (2013)
Close-up of a man with black beard.
Kamal Haasan (2014)
Image of a man who holding mic in his hand.
Ruskin Bond (2014)
iamge of a man with yellow shirt.
Jahnu Barua (2015)
image of a man with blue shirt.
Anupam Kher (2016)
image of a man who has in black suit.
Vinod Rai (2016)
Award recipients by year[15]
Year Number of recipients
Award recipients by field[15]
Field Number of recipients
Civil Service
Literature & Education
Public Affairs
Science & Engineering
Social Work
Trade & Industry
   # Indicates a posthumous honour
List of Padma Bhushan award recipients, showing the year, field, and state/country[15]
Year Recipient Field State
2010 Agarwal, Satya PaulSatya Paul Agarwal Medicine Delhi
2010 Amin, MohammadMohammad Amin Literature & Education Delhi
2010 Bandopadhyay, Sailesh KumarSailesh Kumar Bandopadhyay Public Affairs West Bengal
2010 Banga, M. S.M. S. Banga Trade & Industry  – [A]
2010 Bordia, AnilAnil Bordia Literature & Education Rajasthan
2010 Chandra, BipanBipan Chandra Literature & Education Delhi
2010 Chaturvedi, B. K.B. K. Chaturvedi Civil Service Delhi
2010 Chatwal, Sant SinghSant Singh Chatwal Public Affairs  – [B]
2010 Chopra, G. P.G. P. Chopra Literature & Education Delhi
2010 Chung, TanTan Chung Literature & Education  – [B]
2010 Dhaky, MadhusudanMadhusudan Dhaky Arts Gujarat
2010 Dubhashi, P. R.P. R. Dubhashi Civil Service Maharashtra
2010 Gawai, PuttarajPuttaraj Gawai Arts Karnataka
2010 Hegde, Belle MonappaBelle Monappa Hegde Medicine Karnataka
2010 Ilaiyaraaja, Ilaiyaraaja Arts Tamil Nadu
2010 Kapur, Jagdish ChandraJagdish Chandra Kapur Science & Engineering Delhi
2010 Khale, ShrinivasShrinivas Khale Arts Maharashtra
2010 Khan, AamirAamir Khan Arts Maharashtra
2010 Khan, SultanSultan Khan Arts Maharashtra
2010 Kumar, RamRam Kumar Arts Delhi
2010 Lakhia, KumudiniKumudini Lakhia Arts Gujarat
2010 Marar, Kuzhur NarayanaKuzhur Narayana Marar Arts Kerala
2010 Mishra, ChhannulalChhannulal Mishra Arts Uttar Pradesh
2010 Mooss, E. T. NarayananE. T. Narayanan Mooss Medicine Kerala
2010 Nair, C. P. KrishnanC. P. Krishnan Nair Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2010 Oswal, S. P.S. P. Oswal Trade & Industry Punjab
2010 Padamsee, AkbarAkbar Padamsee Arts Maharashtra
2010 Panda, RamakantaRamakanta Panda Medicine Maharashtra
2010 Patil, Balasaheb VikheBalasaheb Vikhe Patil Social Work Maharashtra
2010 Paulraj, ArogyaswamiArogyaswami Paulraj Science & Engineering  – [B]
2010 Rahman, A. R.A. R. Rahman Arts Tamil Nadu
2010 Raza, MoosaMoosa Raza Civil Service Delhi
2010 Sarabhai, MallikaMallika Sarabhai Arts Gujarat
2010 Satyanarayana, Nookala ChinnaNookala Chinna Satyanarayana Arts Andhra Pradesh
2010 Sen, AbhijitAbhijit Sen Public Affairs Delhi
2010 Shastri, Satya VratSatya Vrat Shastri Literature & Education Delhi
2010 Shroff, Noshir M.Noshir M. Shroff Medicine Delhi
2010 Singh, Kushal PalKushal Pal Singh Trade & Industry Delhi
2010 Sinha, BikashBikash Sinha Science & Engineering West Bengal
2010 Swamiji, BalagangadharanathaBalagangadharanatha Swamiji Social Work Karnataka
2010 Vaghul, NarayananNarayanan Vaghul Trade & Industry Tamil Nadu
2010 Warrier, P. K.P. K. Warrier Medicine Kerala
2010 Zakaria, FareedFareed Zakaria Literature & Education  – [B]
2011 Balasubrahmanyam, S. P.S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Arts Tamil Nadu
2011 Birla, RajashreeRajashree Birla Social Work Maharashtra
2011 Buch, M. N.M. N. Buch Civil Service Madhya Pradesh
2011 Chandrasekhar, C. V.C. V. Chandrasekhar Arts Tamil Nadu
2011 Chowdhry, AjaiAjai Chowdhry Trade & Industry Delhi
2011 Deveshwar, Yogesh ChanderYogesh Chander Deveshwar Trade & Industry West Bengal
2011 Dubey, SatyadevSatyadev Dubey Arts Maharashtra
2011 George, T. J. S.T. J. S. George Literature & Education Karnataka
2011 Ghosh, ShankhaShankha Ghosh Literature & Education West Bengal
2011 Gopalakrishnan, KrisKris Gopalakrishnan Trade & Industry Karnataka
2011 Grant, Keki ByramjeeKeki Byramjee Grant[i]# Medicine Maharashtra
2011 Kapoor, ShashiShashi Kapoor Arts Maharashtra
2011 Khanna, KrishenKrishen Khanna Arts Haryana
2011 Khayyam, Mohammed ZahurMohammed Zahur Khayyam Arts Maharashtra
2011 Kochhar, ChandaChanda Kochhar Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2011 Mukhopadhyay, DwijenDwijen Mukhopadhyay Arts West Bengal
2011 Nair, Madavoor VasudevanMadavoor Vasudevan Nair Arts Kerala
2011 Pai, RamdasRamdas Pai Literature & Education Karnataka
2011 Patel, DashrathDashrath Patel[ii]# Arts Gujarat
2011 Pawar, Rajendra SinghRajendra Singh Pawar Trade & Industry Haryana
2011 Ramachandran, SuryanarayananSuryanarayanan Ramachandran Science & Engineering Tamil Nadu
2011 Ranade, ShobhanaShobhana Ranade Social Work Maharashtra
2011 Reddy, Gunupati Venkata KrishnaGunupati Venkata Krishna Reddy Trade & Industry Andhra Pradesh
2011 Reddy, Kallam AnjiKallam Anji Reddy Trade & Industry Andhra Pradesh
2011 Rehman, WaheedaWaheeda Rehman Arts Maharashtra
2011 Saran, ShyamShyam Saran Civil Service Delhi
2011 Singh, AnaljitAnaljit Singh Trade & Industry Delhi
2011 Singh, ArpitaArpita Singh Arts Delhi
2011 Singh, SurendraSurendra Singh Civil Service Delhi
2011 Srikantan, R. K.R. K. Srikantan Arts Karnataka
2011 Thirumulpad, RaghavanRaghavan Thirumulpad[iii]# Medicine Kerala
2012 Advani, Suresh H.Suresh H. Advani Medicine Maharashtra
2012 Azmi, ShabanaShabana Azmi Arts Maharashtra
2012 Bhabha, Homi K.Homi K. Bhabha Literature & Education  – [A]
2012 Chitre, ShashikumarShashikumar Chitre Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2012 Choudhury, KhaledKhaled Choudhury Arts West Bengal
2012 Das, JatinJatin Das Arts Delhi
2012 Dehejia, VidyaVidya Dehejia Literature & Education  – [B]
2012 Dharmendra, Dharmendra Arts Maharashtra
2012 Goenka, S. N.S. N. Goenka Social Work Maharashtra
2012 Gopalakrishnan, M. S.M. S. Gopalakrishnan Arts Tamil Nadu
2012 Gopalakrishnan, T. V.T. V. Gopalakrishnan Arts Tamil Nadu
2012 Gupta, Buddhadev DasBuddhadev Das Gupta Arts West Bengal
2012 Janah, SunilSunil Janah Arts  – [B]
2012 Kapoor, AnishAnish Kapoor Arts  – [A]
2012 Mujumdar, S. B.S. B. Mujumdar Literature & Education Maharashtra
2012 Muthuraman, BalasubramanianBalasubramanian Muthuraman Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2012 Nair, MiraMira Nair Arts Delhi
2012 Panagariya, ArvindArvind Panagariya Literature & Education  – [B]
2012 Pereira, JoséJosé Pereira Literature & Education  – [B]
2012 Prasad, MataMata Prasad Civil Service Uttar Pradesh
2012 Raghunathan, M. S.M. S. Raghunathan Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2012 Rao, P. ChandrasekharaP. Chandrasekhara Rao Public Affairs  – [C]
2012 Sen, RonenRonen Sen Civil Service West Bengal
2012 Shetty, DeviDevi Shetty Medicine Karnataka
2012 Subbiah, M. V.M. V. Subbiah Trade & Industry Tamil Nadu
2012 Vittal, N.N. Vittal Civil Service Kerala
2012 Wadia, N. H.N. H. Wadia Medicine Maharashtra
2012 Yeo, GeorgeGeorge Yeo Public Affairs  – [D]
2013 Atluri, Satya N.Satya N. Atluri Science & Engineering  – [B]
2013 Bhan, Maharaj KishanMaharaj Kishan Bhan Civil Service Delhi
2013 Bhatti, JaspalJaspal Bhatti[iv]# Arts Punjab
2013 Dravid, RahulRahul Dravid Sports Karnataka
2013 Godrej, AdiAdi Godrej Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2013 Khan, Abdul RashidAbdul Rashid Khan Arts West Bengal
2013 Khanna, RajeshRajesh Khanna[v]# Arts Maharashtra
2013 Kom, MaryMary Kom Sports Manipur
2013 Laud, Nandkishore ShamraoNandkishore Shamrao Laud Medicine Maharashtra
2013 Padgaonkar, MangeshMangesh Padgaonkar Literature & Education Maharashtra
2013 Panwar, Hemendra SinghHemendra Singh Panwar Civil Service Madhya Pradesh
2013 Pati, JogeshJogesh Pati Science & Engineering  – [B]
2013 Patil, Shivajirao GirdharShivajirao Girdhar Patil Public Affairs Maharashtra
2013 Pillai, A. SivathanuA. Sivathanu Pillai Science & Engineering Delhi
2013 Ramanaidu, D.D. Ramanaidu Arts Andhra Pradesh
2013 Rele, KanakKanak Rele Arts Maharashtra
2013 Saraswat, V. K.V. K. Saraswat Science & Engineering Delhi
2013 Sen, AshokeAshoke Sen Science & Engineering Uttar Pradesh
2013 Spivak, Gayatri ChakravortyGayatri Chakravorty Spivak Literature & Education  – [B]
2013 Suresh, B. N.B. N. Suresh Science & Engineering Karnataka
2013 Tagore, SharmilaSharmila Tagore Arts Delhi
2013 Thyagarajan, RamamurthyRamamurthy Thyagarajan Trade & Industry Tamil Nadu
2013 Vaidyanathan, SarojaSaroja Vaidyanathan Arts Delhi
2014 Anisuzzaman, Anisuzzaman Literature & Education  – [E]
2014 Athreya, MrityunjayMrityunjay Athreya Literature & Education Delhi
2014 Balaram, PadmanabhanPadmanabhan Balaram Science & Engineering Karnataka
2014 Bhandari, DalveerDalveer Bhandari Public Affairs Delhi
2014 Bond, RuskinRuskin Bond Literature & Education Uttarakhand
2014 Desai, AnitaAnita Desai Literature & Education Delhi
2014 Gopichand, PullelaPullela Gopichand Sports Andhra Pradesh
2014 Haasan, KamalKamal Haasan Arts Tamil Nadu
2014 Joshi, JyeshtharajJyeshtharaj Joshi Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2014 Kaul, Vijayendra NathVijayendra Nath Kaul Civil Service Delhi
2014 Kler, NeelamNeelam Kler Medicine Delhi
2014 Mahadevappa, MadappaMadappa Mahadevappa Science & Engineering Karnataka
2014 Paes, LeanderLeander Paes Sports Maharashtra
2014 Radhakrishnan, K.K. Radhakrishnan Science & Engineering Karnataka
2014 Ramakrishna, AnumoluAnumolu Ramakrishna[vi]# Science & Engineering Andhra Pradesh
2014 Ramasami, ThirumalachariThirumalachari Ramasami Science & Engineering Delhi
2014 Rudolph, LloydLloyd Rudolph Literature & Education  – [B]
2014 Rudolph, Susanne HoeberSusanne Hoeber Rudolph Literature & Education  – [B]
2014 Sharma, Vinod PrakashVinod Prakash Sharma Science & Engineering Delhi
2014 Sheikh, Ghulam MohammedGhulam Mohammed Sheikh Arts Gujarat
2014 Sultana, Begum ParveenBegum Parveen Sultana Arts Maharashtra
2014 Thaker, DhirubhaiDhirubhai Thaker Literature & Education Gujarat
2014 Vairamuthu, Vairamuthu Literature & Education Tamil Nadu
2014 Verma, J. S.J. S. Verma[vii]# Public Affairs Uttar Pradesh
2014 Vinayakram, T. H.T. H. Vinayakram Arts Tamil Nadu
2015 Barua, JahnuJahnu Barua Arts Assam
2015 Bhargava, ManjulManjul Bhargava Science & Engineering  – [B]
2015 Bhatkar, VijayVijay Bhatkar Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2015 Dasgupta, SwapanSwapan Dasgupta Literature & Education Delhi
2015 Frawley, DavidDavid Frawley Others  – [B]
2015 Gates, BillBill Gates Social Work  – [B]
2015 Gates, MelindaMelinda Gates Social Work  – [B]
2015 Giri, SatyamitranandSatyamitranand Giri Others Uttar Pradesh
2015 Gopalaswami, N.N. Gopalaswami Civil Service Tamil Nadu
2015 Kashyap, Subhash C.Subhash C. Kashyap Public Affairs Delhi
2015 Maharaj, GokulotsavjiGokulotsavji Maharaj Arts Madhya Pradesh
2015 Misumi, SaichiroSaichiro Misumi Others Japan
2015 Mithal, AmbrishAmbrish Mithal Medicine Delhi
2015 Ragunathan, SudhaSudha Ragunathan Arts Tamil Nadu
2015 Salve, HarishHarish Salve Public Affairs Delhi
2015 Seth, AshokAshok Seth Medicine Delhi
2015 Sharma, RajatRajat Sharma Literature & Education Delhi
2015 Singh, SatpalSatpal Singh Sports Delhi
2015 Swami, ShivakumaraShivakumara Swami Others Karnataka
2015 Valdiya, Khadg SinghKhadg Singh Valdiya Science & Engineering Karnataka
2016 Bhargava, Ravindra ChandraRavindra Chandra Bhargava Public Affairs Uttar Pradesh
2016 Blackwill, RobertRobert Blackwill Public Affairs  – [B]
2016 Contractor, HafeezHafeez Contractor Others Maharashtra
2016 Jain, InduIndu Jain Trade & Industry Delhi
2016 Kanhailal, HeisnamHeisnam Kanhailal Arts Manipur
2016 Kher, AnupamAnupam Kher Arts Maharashtra
2016 Mirza, SaniaSania Mirza Sports Telangana
2016 Mistry, PallonjiPallonji Mistry Trade & Industry  – [F]
2016 Narayan, UditUdit Narayan Arts Maharashtra
2016 Nehwal, SainaSaina Nehwal Sports Telangana
2016 Prasad, Yarlagadda LakshmiYarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad Literature & Education Andhra Pradesh
2016 Rai, VinodVinod Rai Civil Service Kerala
2016 Ramanuja Tatacharya, N. S.N. S. Ramanuja Tatacharya Literature & Education Maharashtra
2016 Rama Rao, A. V.A. V. Rama Rao Science & Engineering Andhra Pradesh
2016 Reddy, D. NageshwarD. Nageshwar Reddy Medicine Telangana
2016 Saraswati, DayanandaDayananda Saraswati[viii]# Others Uttarakhand
2016 Singh Hamdard, BarjinderBarjinder Singh Hamdard Literature & Education Punjab
2016 Sutar, Ram V.Ram V. Sutar Arts Uttar Pradesh
2016 Tejomayananda, Tejomayananda Others Maharashtra
2017 Bhatt, Vishwa MohanVishwa Mohan Bhatt Arts Rajasthan
2017 Dwivedi, DeviprasadDeviprasad Dwivedi Literature & Education Uttar Pradesh
2017 Ratnasundarsuri, Ratnasundarsuri Others Gujarat
2017 Saraswati, NiranjananandaNiranjanananda Saraswati Others Bihar
2017 Ramaswamy, ChoCho Ramaswamy[ix]# Literature & Education Tamil Nadu
2017 Sirindhorn, Maha ChakriMaha Chakri Sirindhorn Literature & Education  – [G]
2017 Udwadia, Tehemton ErachTehemton Erach Udwadia Medicine Maharashtra

Explanatory notes[edit]

  1. ^ Per Article 18 (1) of the Constitution of India: Abolition of titles, "no title, not being a military or academic distinction, shall be conferred by the State".[5]
Non-citizen recipients
  1. ^ a b c Indicates a citizen of the United Kingdom
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r Indicates a citizen of the United States
  3. ^ Indicates a citizen of Germany
  4. ^ Indicates a citizen of Singapore
  5. ^ Indicates a citizen of Bangladesh
  6. ^ Indicates a citizen of Ireland
  7. ^ Indicates a citizen of Thailand
Posthumous recipients
  1. ^ Keki Byramjee Grant died on 4 January 2011, at the age of 90.[16]
  2. ^ Dashrath Patel died on 2 December 2010, at the age of 83.[17]
  3. ^ Raghavan Thirumulpad died on 21 November 2010, at the age of 90.[18]
  4. ^ Jaspal Bhatti died on 25 October 2012, at the age of 90.[19]
  5. ^ Rajesh Khanna died on 18 July 2012, at the age of 69.[20]
  6. ^ Anumolu Ramakrishna died on 20 August 2013, at the age of 73.[21]
  7. ^ J. S. Verma died on 22 April 2013, at the age of 80.[22]
  8. ^ Dayananda Saraswati died on 23 September 2015, at the age of 85.[23]
  9. ^ Cho Ramaswamy died on 7 December 2016, at the age of 82.[24]


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