List of Padma Shri award recipients (1954–59)

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Padma Shri
Padma Shri India IIIe Klasse.jpg
Awarded by Government of India
Type Civilian
Category National
Obverse A centrally located lotus flower is embossed and the text "Padma" written in Devanagari script is placed above and the text "Shri" is placed below the lotus.
Reverse A platinum State Emblem of India placed in the centre with the national motto of India, "Satyameva Jayate" (Truth alone triumphs) in Devanagari Script
Ribbon IND Padma Shri BAR.png
Instituted 1954
First awarded 1954
Total awarded 95
Previous name(s) Padma Vibhushan "Tisra Warg" (Class III)
Award rank
← Padma Bhushan N/A →

Padma Shri Award, India's fourth highest civilian honours - Winners, 1954-1959:[1]

List of recipients[edit]

Award recipients by year[1]
Year Number of recipients
Award recipients by field[1]
Field Number of recipients
Civil Service
Literature & Education
Public Affairs
Science & Engineering
Social Work
Trade & Industry
List of Padma Shri award recipients, showing the year, field, and state/country[1]
Year Recipient Field State
1954 Aryanayakam, Asha DeviAsha Devi Aryanayakam Public Affairs Maharashtra
1954 Bhatia, Bir BhanBir Bhan Bhatia Medicine Delhi
1954 Captain, PerinPerin Captain Public Affairs Maharashtra
1954 Chakravorty, K. R.K. R. Chakravorty Science & Engineering West Bengal
1954 Das, AmalpravaAmalprava Das Public Affairs Assam
1954 Das, MathuraMathura Das Medicine Assam
1954 Dey, Surinder KumarSurinder Kumar Dey Civil Service West Bengal
1954 Khanolkar, Ramji VasantRamji Vasant Khanolkar Medicine Maharashtra
1954 Mathai, AchammaAchamma Mathai Public Affairs Maharashtra
1954 Mehta, BhagBhag Mehta Civil Service Gujarat
1954 Mitra, Akhil ChandraAkhil Chandra Mitra Science & Engineering Uttar Pradesh
1954 Pant, Apa Saheb Bala SahebApa Saheb Bala Saheb Pant Civil Service Maharashtra
1954 Pillai, K. ShankarK. Shankar Pillai Literature & Education Delhi
1954 Ray, MirnamayeeMirnamayee Ray Public Affairs Andhra Pradesh
1954 Singh, TarlokTarlok Singh Civil Service Punjab
1954 Somappa, MachaniMachani Somappa Public Affairs Andhra Pradesh
1954 Thorat, S. P. PatilS. P. Patil Thorat Civil Service Maharashtra
1955 Benjamin, Perakath VerghesePerakath Verghese Benjamin Medicine Kerala
1955 Choudhary, Kewal SinghKewal Singh Choudhary Civil Service Punjab
1955 Currimbhoy, ZarinaZarina Currimbhoy Social Work Maharashtra
1955 Handique, Krishna KantaKrishna Kanta Handique Literature & Education Assam
1955 Jadhav, Mary ClubwalaMary Clubwala Jadhav Social Work Tamil Nadu
1955 Joglekar, Digamber VasudevDigamber Vasudev Joglekar Civil Service Maharashtra
1955 Kaul, Sidda NathSidda Nath Kaul Medicine Delhi
1955 Maneckji, Manak Jehangir BhickajiManak Jehangir Bhickaji Maneckji Civil Service Maharashtra
1955 Mehray, Mahesh PrasadMahesh Prasad Mehray Medicine Uttar Pradesh
1955 Mirza, HumayunHumayun Mirza Civil Service Karnataka
1955 Rahman, HabiburHabibur Rahman Science & Engineering Delhi
1955 Sahu, LaxminarayanLaxminarayan Sahu Literature & Education Odisha
1955 Shastri, RatanRatan Shastri Literature & Education Rajasthan
1955 Thakur, OmkarnathOmkarnath Thakur Arts Gujarat
1956 Bhakna, Sohan SinghSohan Singh Bhakna Medicine Punjab
1956 Bhuyan, Surya KumarSurya Kumar Bhuyan Literature & Education Assam
1956 Lal, MohanMohan Lal Medicine Uttar Pradesh
1956 Majumdar, Satish ChandraSatish Chandra Majumdar Science & Engineering West Bengal
1956 Modi, Murugappa ChannaveerappaMurugappa Channaveerappa Modi Medicine Karnataka
1956 Pande, SukhdavSukhdav Pande Literature & Education Uttarakhand
1956 Pandit, Chintaman GovindChintaman Govind Pandit Medicine Gujarat
1956 Rao, Sthanam NarasimhaSthanam Narasimha Rao Arts Andhra Pradesh
1956 Santra, IsaacIsaac Santra Medicine West Bengal
1957 Anjaria, Jaswantrai JayantilalJaswantrai Jayantilal Anjaria Civil Service Maharashtra
1957 Chellani, Atmaram RamchandAtmaram Ramchand Chellani Civil Service Andhra Pradesh
1957 Chitale, Laxman MahadeoLaxman Mahadeo Chitale Science & Engineering Maharashtra
1957 Devi, Nalini BalaNalini Bala Devi Literature & Education Assam
1957 Dharmarajan, Narayan SwamiNarayan Swami Dharmarajan Civil Service Tamil Nadu
1957 Dhillon, Gurbaksh SinghGurbaksh Singh Dhillon Civil Service Tamil Nadu
1957 Gehlote, Ram PrakashRam Prakash Gehlote Science & Engineering Delhi
1957 Jagadisan, Thackkadu NatesasastrigalThackkadu Natesasastrigal Jagadisan Social Work Tamil Nadu
1957 Khastgir, SudhirSudhir Khastgir Arts Uttar Pradesh
1957 Khathing, RalengnaoRalengnao Khathing Public Affairs Manipur
1957 Naidu, Dwaram VenkataswamyDwaram Venkataswamy Naidu Arts Andhra Pradesh
1957 Ramiah, KrishnaswamiKrishnaswami Ramiah Science & Engineering Andhra Pradesh
1957 Ranganathan, S. R.S. R. Ranganathan Literature & Education Karnataka
1957 Sen, SamarendranathSamarendranath Sen Civil Service West Bengal
1957 Singh, BalbirBalbir Singh Sports Chandigarh
1957 Singh, KhushdevaKhushdeva Singh Medicine Punjab
1958 Bose, DebakiDebaki Bose Arts West Bengal
1958 Ekambaranathan, PunamalaiPunamalai Ekambaranathan Social Work Tamil Nadu
1958 Ismail, FatimaFatima Ismail Social Work Maharashtra
1958 Maharaj, ShambhuShambhu Maharaj Arts Uttar Pradesh
1958 Nargis, Nargis Arts Maharashtra
1958 Nijhawan, Bal RajBal Raj Nijhawan Science & Engineering Australia
1958 Pal, Benjamin PearyBenjamin Peary Pal Science & Engineering Delhi
1958 Parthasarthy, NavalpakkamNavalpakkam Parthasarthy Science & Engineering  – [a]
1958 Puri, Balwant SingBalwant Sing Puri Social Work Punjab
1958 Ramdas, Lakshminarayana Pulram AnanthakrishnanLakshminarayana Pulram Ananthakrishnan Ramdas Science & Engineering Delhi
1958 Rani, DevikaDevika Rani Arts Karnataka
1958 Rao, Argula NagarajaArgula Nagaraja Rao Trade & Industry Andhra Pradesh
1958 Ray, SatyajitSatyajit Ray Arts West Bengal
1958 Satyanarayana, MoturiMoturi Satyanarayana Public Affairs Tamil Nadu
1958 Singh, Brig. RamBrig. Ram Singh Civil Service Punjab
1958 Singh, Kunwar DigvijaiKunwar Digvijai Singh Sports Uttar Pradesh
1958 Subbalakshmi, R. S.R. S. Subbalakshmi Social Work Tamil Nadu
1958 Varma, Ram ChandraRam Chandra Varma Literature & Education Uttar Pradesh
1958 Vyas, Magan Lal TribhuvandasMagan Lal Tribhuvandas Vyas Literature & Education Gujarat
1959 Chandrasekharan, K. S.K. S. Chandrasekharan Literature & Education Tamil Nadu
1959 Das, SailabalaSailabala Das Social Work Odisha
1959 Diwan, Manchar BalvantManchar Balvant Diwan Social Work Maharashtra
1959 Issac, Mary RatnammaMary Ratnamma Issac Social Work Karnataka
1959 Jangpangi, Lakshman SinghLakshman Singh Jangpangi Social Work Odisha
1959 Kar, SurendranathSurendranath Kar Science & Engineering West Bengal
1959 Karkhanis, Ganesh GobindGanesh Gobind Karkhanis Social Work Karnataka
1959 Majumdar, Parixitalal Lallu BhaiParixitalal Lallu Bhai Majumdar Social Work Gujarat
1959 Mathulla, Mathew KandathilMathew Kandathil Mathulla Civil Service Karnataka
1959 Mathur, Om PrakashOm Prakash Mathur Science & Engineering West Bengal
1959 Mehta, Pratapri Girdhari LalPratapri Girdhari Lal Mehta Public Affairs Maharashtra
1959 Murthy, Onkar SrinivasaOnkar Srinivasa Murthy Civil Service Tamil Nadu
1959 Nag, Balwant SinghBalwant Singh Nag Civil Service Punjab
1959 Panikkar, Parameswaran KuttappParameswaran Kuttapp Panikkar Civil Service Kerala
1959 Patwardhan, Shivaji GaneshShivaji Ganesh Patwardhan Medicine Maharashtra
1959 Ram, AtmaAtma Ram Trade & Industry West Bengal
1959 Sen, MihirMihir Sen Sports West Bengal
1959 Sethna, HomiHomi Sethna Science & Engineering Maharashtra
1959 Singh, MilkhaMilkha Singh Sports Chandigarh
1959 Uppal, Badri NathBadri Nath Uppal Science & Engineering Chandigarh


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Explanatory notes[edit]

  1. ^ Navalpakkam Parthasarthy was citizen of Thailand.

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