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Padmakshi Devasthanam
Padmakshi Temple.jpeg
Padmakshi Temple is located in Telangana
Padmakshi Temple
Location in India
Geographic coordinates17°59′53″N 79°34′01″E / 17.9979519°N 79.5669959°E / 17.9979519; 79.5669959Coordinates: 17°59′53″N 79°34′01″E / 17.9979519°N 79.5669959°E / 17.9979519; 79.5669959
Date established12th Century
Elevation299 m (981 ft)

Padmakshi Temple is one of the oldest temples in Hanamakonda City, with Goddess Padmakshi (Padmakshamma) as the main deity built by Kakatiya Kings in 12th century.


Padmakshi Gutta or Kadalalaya basadi consists of a Jain temple dedicated to Goddess Padmavati, located on a hilltop in the heart of the town of Hanamakonda, was originally constructed during Kakatiya reign. Till the Kakatiya Kings renovated and established the Goddess Padmakshi, previously it was a ‘Basadi’ a Jain temple. In the garbhagriha, there is a massive Tirthankara Parshvanath image, with yaksha Dharanendra to the right and the goddess Padmavati (Padmakshi) to the left.[1]. The images, all carved from live rock, have been retouched and painted.[2]

The temple also has rich sculpture of the Jain Tirthankara's and other Jain Gods and Goddesses. The Kadalalaya basadi or Padmakshi Temple is built on a large rocky out crop.[3]

Once a year, Lakhs of women come to this place to celebrate the famous Bathukamma festival and immerse the flowers in the pond at the foot of the Padmakshi hillock.[4]


The exceptional feature of the temple is the impressive four faces of a pillar called the Annakonda pillar, which is a quadrangular column made of black granite stone, is at the entrance of the temple.[5]



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