Padmavati (Jainism)

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Walkeshwar Jain Temple, Mumbai
Spouse Dharanendra

Padmāvatī is the protective goddess or shashan devi of Lord Parshvanatha, twenty-third Jain tirthankara complimenting parshwa yaksha, the sashan dev. there ia another pair of souls of a nag and nagin which was saved by lord while being burnt alive in a log of wood by the tapas kamath, who became indra( dharnendra in particular)and padmavati( different from sashan devi) after their death. According to the tradition, Padmavati and her husband Dharanendra protected Lord Parshvanatha when he was harassed by Meghmali.[1][2] A snakes hood covers her head, and she sits on a lotus flower. Often a small image of the Lord Parshvanatha is placed in her crown.

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