Padre Coraje

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Padre Coraje
Genre Telenovela
Historical fiction
Created by Adrián Suar
Written by Marcos Carnevale
Marcela Guerty
Directed by Martín Saban
Sebastián Pivotto
Starring Facundo Arana
Carina Zampini
Nancy Dupláa
Leonor Benedetto
Nora Cárpena
Raúl Rizzo
Opening theme Y qué by Paz Martínez
Ending theme Ay Amor by Ricardo Montaner
Country of origin Argentina
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 189
Executive producer(s) Adrián González
Adrián Suar
Producer(s) Pol-ka
Location(s) Argentina, Buenos Aires
Cinematography Ezequiel Spinelli
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Canal 13
Original release March 8 – December 23, 2004
Preceded by Soy gitano
Followed by Sin Codigo

Padre Coraje (English: Brave Father John) is a Spanish language television drama from Argentina. Its theme song is performed by Paz Martinez.


When Coraje, a young idealist, sets out on a journey to La Cruz, his life is forever changed. Coraje and his friends come across Father John, a priest who has been assaulted by thieves while on his way to take over the parish at a church in La Cruz. Unable to save Father John’s life, Coraje decides to pose as the priest. Coraje soon meets Ana and Clara Guericco, whose highly respected father was recently assassinated. Coraje soon finds himself entangled in a web of passion and secret desires. He is caught in a love triangle with the Guericco sisters. Coraje loves the Clara, and the wheelchair bound Ana cannot hide her desire for the priest. Deceit and treachery also drive the plot as the mystery of Guericco’s death waits to be solved.


Main Cast[edit]

Actor Character Description
Facundo Arana Coraje / Father Juan / Gabriél Jáuregui Childhood friend of Santo and Mecha, framed for the murder of Alejandro Guerrico, arrived to La Cruz as Father Juan to find the real killer and clear his name, Amanda's seemingly dead son, in love with Clara
Nancy Dupláa Clara Guerrico Elisa and Alejandro's daughter, Ana's big sister, Horacio's ex-fiancee, in love with Coraje
Leonor Benedetto Amanda Jáuregui † Mother of Pipo and Coraje, Manuel's lover
Nora Cárpena Elisa Guerrico Mother of Clara and Ana, widow of Alejandro
Raúl Rizzo Manuel Costa † Main villain, the towns's Mayor, Father of Horacio and Lautaro, Amanda's lover, in love with Elisa
Carina Zampini Ana Guerrico † Villain later good, Elisa and Alejandro's ex-disabled daughter, Clara's little sister, in love with Father Juan

Supporting Cast[edit]

Actor Character Description
Federico Olivera Horacio Costa Son of Manuel, big brother of Lautaro, ex-fiance of Clara, Amanda's lover
Eugenia Tobal Mercedes "Mecha" Childhood friend of Santo and Coraje, in love with Coraje, then with Horacio
Javier Lombardo Santo Tomini Childhood friend of Mecha and Coraje, in love with Mecha, then with Messina
Matías Santoianni Pipo Jáuregui Amanda's adopted son, in love with Messina
Luis Machín Froilán Ponce Villain later good, father of Nora and Lourdes, the town's doctor, gay
Erika Wallner Marcia Krauss Ana's nanny, was secretly in love with Alejandro, hates Elisa
Julia Calvo Messina Cortese Prostitute, in love with Santo
Eugenia Guerty María Teresa "Teté" Andrade The town's Operator, in love with Manuel
Mercedes Funes Nora Ponce † Villain, Froilán's crazy daughter, half sister of Lourdes, Lautaro's ex-wife, in love with him
Fabio Di Tomaso Lautaro Costa † Manuel's son, Horacio's little brother, Nora's ex-husband, in love with Lourdes
Melina Petriella Lourdes Miranda "La Nena" Froilán's bastard daughter, half sister of Nora, in love with Lautaro

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