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Situation in Ourense in Galicia

Padrenda is a municipality in Ourense (province) in the Galicia region of north-west Spain.


2.479 citizens according to the 2004 census distributed in 99 different hamlets, and 7 parishes, the density is 43,49 hab./km².


The territory is a very rugged relief, descending the altitude from the South to the North. In the border with Portugal, the mount of Pena Rubia (in the mountain range of Leboreiro) reaches 1227 metres, from there to the river Miño, following the dales of its tributary rivers Deva, Barxas and Gorgua, the lands descend to the 100 metres of altitude.

The mountainous territory include the southern and eastern areas of the municipality, with altitudes of 1227 metres, as in Pena Rubia, that has a very smooth topography, very affected by erosion. The flattening territory, in the center and east, (where the villages of Gorgua, Monterredondo and Padrenda are located), is a parallel step next to the previous one. Here is where several streams meet and create the origin of two rivers, Barxas and Gorgua, which form valleys under the limit of 600 metres, which belong to the lower flattening territory (Crespos), that, together with the area of valleys (Condado, Desteriz, Padrenda), descends to the 200m. in Pontebarxas. The landscape is, in short, mountainous to the South, and riverside-like to the North, due to the majestic flowing of the river Miño, which constitutes the main river.

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Coordinates: 42°8′0″N 8°9′0″W / 42.13333°N 8.15000°W / 42.13333; -8.15000