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This article is about the wine region in South Australia. For the town, see Padthaway, South Australia.
Wine region
Type Australian Geographical Indication
Year established 1999[1]
Years of wine industry established 1964[2]
Country Australia
Part of Limestone Coast zone
Climate region ’I’
Heat units 1513[3]
Precipitation (annual average) 195 millimetres (7.7 in) [4]
Total area 345 square kilometres (133 sq mi)[5]
Size of planted vineyards 4,052 hectares (10,010 acres)[6]
No. of vineyards 31 (2008)[7]
Grapes produced 27,685 tonnes (27,248 long tons; 30,517 short tons)[8]
Varietals produced Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling[6]
No. of wineries 8 (2014)[9]
Comments climate data: 2011, production: 2014

Padthaway wine region is a wine zone region located in the south east of South Australia immediately adjoining a section of the Riddoch Highway including the town of Padthaway. The region received appellation as an Australian Geographical Indication (AGI) in 1999.

Extent and appellation[edit]

The Padthaway wine region extends from Naracoorte in a north westerly direction along the Riddoch Highway passing through Padthaway for a distance of about 62 kilometres (39 mi) and ceasing when the Riddoch Highway turns north towards Bordertown.[7][5] The term ‘Padthaway’ was registered as an AGI on 29 November 1999.[1]

Grapes and wine[edit]

As of 2014, the most common plantings in the Padthaway wine region within a total planted area of 4,052 hectares (10,010 acres) was reported as being Shiraz (30.2%) followed by Chardonnay (24.4%), Cabernet Sauvignon (22.1%) and Riesling (4.7%). Alternatively, red wine varietals account for 62.4%of plantings while white wines varietals account for 37.6%of plantings.[6] The total 2014 vintage is reported as consisting of 14,928 tonnes (14,692 long tons; 16,455 short tons) of crushed red grapes valued at A$12,413,533 and 12,757 tonnes (12,556 long tons; 14,062 short tons) of crushed white grapes valued at A$8,310,841.[8] As of 2014, the region is reported as having eight wineries and as of 2008, it had 31 growers.[9][7]

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