Paducah Chiefs

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Paducah Chiefs
Founded in 2016
Paducah, Kentucky
Minor league affiliations
League Ohio Valley Summer League
Previous leagues
Kentucky–Illinois–Tennessee League, Mississippi–Ohio Valley League
Team data
Ballpark Brooks Stadium

The Paducah Chiefs are a minor league baseball team in Paducah, Kentucky and the primary nickname for various Paducah teams, who began play in 1897.

Early incarnations of the Paducah Chiefs played in the Kentucky–Illinois–Tennessee League (KITTY League) in 1903 and 1912–1913, and in the Mississippi–Ohio Valley League in 1949–1950.[1] The Chiefs competed in the KITTY League from 1951 until their disbanding in 1955.[2]

The Chiefs, though finishing fourth in the regular season standings in 1949, went on to win the Mississippi–Ohio Valley League playoffs and championship.[3] In 1950 the Chiefs again finished fourth in the regular season standings, but made through the playoffs to the league championship series against the Centralia Sterlings; the championship series was cancelled due to bad weather.[4] After that season the Chiefs left the Mississippi–Ohio Valley League for the KITTY League.[5]

The Chiefs were the 1955 Kentucky–Illinois–Tennessee League (KITTY League) champions with a 64–39 record, and were the league runner up in 1952 (67–53).[6]

The franchise was affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals (1952-1955), Brooklyn Dodgers (1939), St. Louis Cardinals (1938), Pittsburgh Pirates (1937) and Cincinnati Reds (1936).[7]

The team was also known as the Paducah Indians for much of its history.

In 2016 the Paducah Chiefs Ball Club was reorganized and became a part of the Ohio Valley Summer Collegiate Baseball League (OVL). [8][9]

The ballparks[edit]

The franchise played at numerous parks in Paducah.

From 1949 to 1955 Paducah teams played at Brooks Stadium. Still in use today, the ballpark is located at 2400 Brooks Stadium Drive.[10][11] Brooks Stadium hosted the Mississippi-Ohio Valley League All-Star Game in 1949.[12]

Earlier, the team played at Hook's Park, located at 8th street and Terrell, from 1935 to 1941.[13] In 1922 and 1923 Paducah played at League Park.[14] Early teams played at Wallace Park located at Broadway and Labelle.[15]

The current Ohio Valley League team plays at Brooks Stadium.

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