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Paduspanid dynasty
Map of the normal domains of the Paduspanids in Tabaristan
Capital Not specified
Languages Persian
Caspian languages
Religion Zoroastrianism (655-15th-century)
Islam (15th-century-1598)
Government Monarchy
 •  665–694 Paduspan I (first)
 •  1590–1598 Jahangir IV (last)
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Established 655
 •  Safavid conquest 1598
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Dabuyid dynasty
Safavid dynasty

The Paduspanids or Baduspanids (Persian: پادوسبانیان) were a local dynasty of Tabaristan which ruled over Royan, Nur and Rostamdar. The dynasty was established in 665,[1] and ended in 1598 when the Safavids invaded their domains.[2]


The founder of the Paduspanid dynasty was Paduspan I, (also known by the Arabicized form Baduspan), who was the son of Gil Gavbara,[2] the founder of the Dabuyid dynasty. Thus making the Paduspanids of Sasanian descent like the Dabuyids.

Known Paduspanid rulers[edit]

Nur branch[edit]

Kojur branch[edit]


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