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A paean is a song or expression of thanksgiving, triumph, healing or praise.

Paean, Paeeon, Paeëon, Paeon, Paian, Paieon, or Paion (from the Ancient Greek Παιάν, Παιήων, or Παιών) may refer to:

Greek mythology[edit]

  • Paean (god), the physician of the Greek gods
  • Paeon (father of Agastrophus), the father of Agastrophus in Homer's Iliad, and the husband of Cleomede and father of Laophoon in Quintus Smyrnaeus' Posthomerica
  • Paeon (son of Antilochus), a lord of Messenia, from whom the Attic clan and deme of Paeonidae or Paionidai is supposed to have derived its name
  • Paeon (son of Endymion), from whom the district of Paionia was believed to have derived its name
  • Paeon (son of Poseidon), the son of Helle and Poseidon; in some legends he was called Edonus
  • Paean, an epithet for the Greek god Apollo
  • Paean, an epithet for the Greek healer-god Asclepius


  • Paion, a municipal unit in Achaea, Greece
  • Paion (Thrace), the ancient Greek city located in Thrace


  • Paeon of Amathus, an early Hellenistic historian from Amathus on the island of Cyprus

Other uses[edit]

  • Paean (horse), a British-trained racehorse
  • Paeon (prosody), a metrical foot containing four syllables, where one of the syllables is long and the other three are short
  • Paeon diagyios, another name for the metrical foot cretic or amphimacer, containing three syllables: long, short, long
  • "A Paean", the original name for "Lenore", a poem by Edgar Allan Poe