Paegan Terrorism Tactics

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Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Studio album by Acid Bath
Released November 12, 1996
Recorded Festival Recording Studios, Kenner, Louisiana, 1996
Genre Sludge metal
Length 71:33
Producer Keith Falgout
Acid Bath chronology
Radio Edits 1
Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Demos: 1993-1996
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Paegan Terrorism Tactics is the second and final album by American sludge metal band Acid Bath. It was to be their last album before their disbanding in 1997 due to the death of their bassist Audie Pitre.

The album was written while the band was touring. The album and first track spell "paegan" with an added "e" to resemble Old English.

The album's cover is a painting by Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Due to the controversy surrounding Kevorkian's artwork on the album, Paegan Terrorism Tactics was initially banned from Australia.[citation needed]. The ban has since been lifted.


The lyrics on this album are poetic and further showcase Dax Riggs's dark sense of humor. "Paegan Love Song", according to Dax, makes references to when the band was visiting a beach in Florida, where some people offered the band a deliriant called Angel's Trumpets. Dax said the trip lasted for days, and the lines "dying felt so goddamn good today" refer to the band members waking up delirious on these flowers. "Eating dead flowers bleeding in a strange daze" among other lines in the song reference the experience of waking up on the beach with this seemingly strange intoxicated state. On the Double Live Bootleg! DVD (2002) the band introduces the song by saying, "Rock 'N' Roll makes the world go 'round, drinking fucking beer and smoking pot! This is Paegan Love Song." "Graveflower" has a guitar solo that heavily employs a drone. "13 Fingers" and "New Corpse" experiment with black metal musicianship. Sammy Duet co-wrote the lyrics for "Diäb Soulé" and "New Corpse". "Diäb Soulé" is Cajun French for the "drunken devil." The liner notes present Sammy Duet as Sammy "Pierre" Duet, which is a nickname Dax gave him because a historical witch was named Sammy Pierre Duet. The poem/hidden track "Ode of the Paegan" is sometimes cited or referred to as "The Beautiful Downgrade" and appear as such in Dax's poetry books.[2] The hidden track along with the track "Old Skin" make up the two spoken word poems on the album. While in Mexico, the band took a reverse negative photo of the head of a decapitated animal and originally intended on using that as the album cover.[3][4] They later decided on Kevorkian's artwork. The initial artwork can be found on various sites on the internet.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Paegan Love Song"   5:40
2. "Bleed Me an Ocean"   6:15
3. "Graveflower"   6:07
4. "Diäb Soulé" Riggs, Duet 4:34
5. "Locust Spawning"   4:40
6. "Old Skin"   1:11
7. "New Death Sensation"   6:44
8. "Venus Blue"   4:42
9. "13 Fingers"   4:10
10. "New Corpse"   3:22
11. "Dead Girl" (ends at 7:23; hidden track "The Beautiful Downgrade" begins at 22:29)   24:08
Total length: 71:33

Track 1 is listed in the liner notes as "Pagan Love Song".

Hidden track is sometimes mislabeled as "Ode of the Paegan".


Acid Bath[edit]


  • Keith Falgout - Producer, Engineer, Mixer
  • Matt "Heavy" Akin - Assistant Engineer
  • Spice - Samples, Intern
  • Chris Robinson - Intern
  • John "Feedback" Gilmore - Intern
  • Jimmy Kyle - Photography


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