Pagaibamba Protection Forest

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The Pagaibamba Protection Forest is a catchment area in Peru.


Peru's Law (R.S.) N 0222-87-AG/DGFF established the Pagaibamba Protection Forest in June 19, 1987. The forest is located in the department of Cajamarca, Chota Province, in the Querocoto District.[1]

A map of the Cajamarca Region of Peru.

The 2078,38 hectares of Pagaibamba's surface area are the source of water for the Querocoto, Llama, and Huambo districts. The area was declared a protection forest in order to conserve the precious land and forest.


  1. To guarantee a continued, steady supply of water for drinking and irrigation in the districts of Querocoto, Flame and Huambos.
  2. To protect the forest as a natural regulator of the water cycle and prevent sedimentation from diverting or blocking the rivers.


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Coordinates: 06°24′53″S 79°04′03″W / 6.41472°S 79.06750°W / -6.41472; -79.06750